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Government intervention too much is not conducive to the healthy development of

From: Data:15/08/2016

while the Chinese LED industry the lack of core technology, the other side is led among the key support of the state's strategic emerging industries; side is led products prices for two consecutive years a decrease of 35%, the other side is all over the country have been constructed led industrial park more than a hundred, the production capacity of enterprises is gradually increasing.

at the end of last year, this newspaper published in the "more forced to promote LED lighting products is that will lead the industry disaster" and early warning of the plight of the industry.

is used to Qian material. Recently, the Shenzhen municipal government quietly in the form of "government gazette" abolished in March 2009 promulgated the "on the issuance of Shenzhen city LED industry development plan (2009— 2015) Notice", the industry wind mutation. To the left or to the right? LED industry into the intersection.

Shenzhen emergency brake alert

Shenzhen's policy change and can not stop the LED fever in other areas.

recently, in northern cities (Changchun) Green Lighting Forum, Changchun high tech Zone, and Jilin Province Institute of lighting jointly issued a "in the province accelerate the promotion of the use of LED energy efficient lighting products proposal", Changchun high tech Zone will create hundreds of billions of LED industry base planning appeared at the same time.

enterprise production enthusiasm high endorsement is a collective decline in the performance of the listing Corporation. Major LED listing Corporation recently released 2012 annual report shows that last year the general downturn in corporate performance. As in the upper reaches of the industrial chain of LED chips, epitaxial films of the enterprise, the HC semitek, Shi LAN micro, dried according to the photoelectric, de haorun amounts to 2012 net profit fell by 29.93%, 40.11% and 39.02%, 57.14%. LED crystal materials provider Fujing technology net profit slid 36.50%; LED power supply enterprise Moso power supply net profit decline 11.55%; LED light emitting materials business department of constant shares fell (; LED encapsulation enterprises rectangular lighting, Lehman photoelectric, honglitronic, country star photoelectric net profit were down 27.45%, 31.59%, 35.2% and 67.36%.

Shenzhen City Confucianism as Electronic Co Ltd is a supplier of NVC and other large enterprises LED. According to people close to the Shenzhen Confucianism for the newspaper reporter revealed: “ did not feel the policy adjustment of Shenzhen Shenzhen Confucianism for what impact. On the contrary, the enterprise orders to do not finish, the current has not let the business staff to take orders. ”

another to do investment management Tang also told reporters that he learned of a LED company in Shenzhen is for the international market, such as Eastern Europe, at present, do not see any impact on production capacity.

industry forecast, the LED industry structural overcapacity situation in 2013 will continue.

industry experts in an interview with the newspaper reporter, said Shenzhen halt LED industrial planning has a wake-up call to the industry, the local government if still continue to blindly launched, the loss may not be estimated.

government and enterprise game &ldquo

; in fact, this is a game between the government and the enterprise. & rdquo; once in Guangdong Province vigorously promote LED road lighting hold different opinions, and a letter to the science and Technology Department of Guangdong Province, Guangzhou lighting industry professionals Hu Jun, in an interview with "Chinese business newspaper" reporter said: & ldquo; local governments want to by way of land finance, with the establishment of high-tech park to attract business investment to GDP, and led enterprises then took a fancy to high technology subsidies, and vigorously promote the government administrative command under the market. It's like strange bedfellows, finally is sure to break up. & rdquo;

& ldquo />; the government to establish a Industrial Park, then it is because the definition of the industry for the high technology industry, the government hopes that can bring in more revenue, so will give a certain subsidies, hope to this industry bigger and stronger, to build hundreds of billions of trillions of enterprises. & rdquo; Hu Jun to the "Chinese business newspaper" reporter provides a data: after construction over the past few years, enterprises in Shenzhen led the largest only output value amounting to billions of yuan, but the government if the development of Internet or other organisms Shenzhen to determine the emerging strategic industries, casually a project over a thousand billion yuan & ldquo; this industry, in land resources, so scarce in Shenzhen, the government is clearly want to give up. ”

“ I have seen the LED Industrial Park, when the site was broken, it is up to the brand, and then you can go to the mortgage. ” Hu Jun to the China business newspaper reporter described the way he had seen a LED Industrial Park, “ most of them, first hit the ground, make a plant, and then cheated the government subsidies. The government is not so easy to cheat, and generally you do not do I do not make up, the government is now very rational. ”

, however, the Guangdong provincial science and Technology Department of Shenzhen does not seem to fully agree with the practice. "Chinese business newspaper" reporter telephone interview Lin Xiaoyong, director of the office of the Guangdong Provincial Science and technology office, he said, Guangdong Provincial Department of science and technology is not clear Shenzhen is for what reason stopped LED industry planning, but Guangdong Province will still adhere to vigorously support the industry.

industry experts to the "Chinese business newspaper" reporter said that the pressure of excess capacity is one of the important measures for the current economic transition and structural adjustment, must have a ton output capacity of the determination, at the same time to avoid across the board. In addition “ invisible hand ” and “ visible hand ” how to combine it with use, also need to explore.

government accused of involvement in the Central People's government website information display from

. A number of ministries and commissions from the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of science and technology, in February this year United released "semiconductor lighting industry planning". "Planning", said, LED lighting energy saving industrial output value of an average annual growth of about 30% in 2015 reached 450 billion yuan (including LED lighting products 180 billion yuan). Further optimization of the industrial structure, and built a number of distinctive features of the semiconductor lighting industry cluster area. Form 10— 15 master core technology, with more independent intellectual property rights and well-known brands, quality and competitive leading enterprises.

it is understood that, due to the upstream production capacity of the LED industry is serious, the downstream market has not been opened, fierce competition among enterprises. At the same time, led to the lack of a unified industry standard lead the industry into the threshold low, and high government subsidies and preferential tax policy attracted a lot of money influx and even many enterprises do not have the relevant technology, lead to industry overcapacity problem is serious.

officials privately said, perhaps to make the government feel terrible or helpless, the entire LED industry has actually appeared overcapacity, and even worried about the LED industry to become the second PV industry. In this case, many local governments also to Shenzhen & ldquo; rob & rdquo; led enterprises to go where they development, many led enterprises so out of Shenzhen and expansion, the industry as a whole is in impetuous and obvious period of overheating, but many enterprises because acclimatized and local government policy not to honor, resulting in a funding strand breaks then closes down.

a survey found, Shenzhen led enterprises are experiencing a wave of closures is not only small businesses, like junduoli, hibo photoelectricity, bolunteguang vision and photoelectric several billion yuan level led enterprises also in just more than a year of time due to financial problems and closed their doors. Most enterprises the core problem refers to the enterprises rushing headlong into mass action lead to overcapacity, coupled with the global economic downturn, mainly rely on the export earnings to domestic led enterprises day let more tough, profit fell sharply, the whole industry into existence & ldquo; winter & rdquo;.

for the LED lighting industry, Hu said, should let the & ldquo; enterprises to fend for themselves & rdquo;, the industrial development left to the market, excessive government intervention but not conducive to the healthy development of the industry, photovoltaic crashed out of the lesson should be vigilant.