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LED lighting from barbaric growth to the price game under the hidden

From: Data:15/08/2016

high price, promotion difficult, had been placed in an infinite hope LED lighting is facing embarrassment.

and high energy saving, long service life, environmental benefits, and, although have many advantages, but in the market recognized difficult background, led the development prospects is uncertain.

planning to abolish the

recently, in the field of LED in front of the Shenzhen city in the form of a sudden abolition of the Government Gazette in the form of a few years of the implementation of the LED industry planning. Years of implementation of the "notice on printing and distributing the LED industry development plan (2009-2015) of Shenzhen city" was abolished, LED lighting in the industrial city encountered a bottleneck.

according to reports, the Shenzhen Municipal Development and Reform Commission the main reason for the abolition of the given is the "planning" in the proposed some policy, especially capital and industry support policies, involved in other aspects of the policy has been, do not need to use the "planning".

in the industry view, the industry lack of confidence in the future that will become as PV as a hot potato is the real reason.

in government and industry, differences have emerged. KingSun chairman Li Xuliang has said that the semiconductor lighting is rare, a rare national industry, industrial output grew at an average annual rate of 30%, the compound down very alarming, equal to every 3 years have doubled, was much higher than that of the growth of domestic GDP7%-8%.

benefited from government support with falling prices this year, China LED indoor lighting output value will reach 306 billion yuan, an increase of 64%, in 2015 will reach 99.3 billion yuan, the future 4 years of indoor lighting production scale compound annual growth rate more than 50%, 52%.

is full of confidence for the future, all capital poured into the field of LED lighting, the once red booming industry is gradually becoming deserted them.

insiders introduction, LED manufacturers in nearly two years of massive expansion is in industry in recent years, the imbalance between supply and demand a major culprit, LED industry supply and demand situation can return to balance also need LED manufacturers to control the expansion rate.

in fact, the industry has long been a warning. Even in Shenzhen City, the "planning" also made it clear that, from the industrial structure, Shenzhen City, although LED enterprises covering all areas of the upper middle and lower reaches, but the proportion of the difference. Lack of a considerable size and strength of the leading enterprises, resulting in the overall competitiveness of the LED industry is weak, the problem has not been very good solution.

from barbaric growth to low price game, is always the trump card industry. The personage inside course of study, within the past 3 years, the price of such products is decreasing at a rate of about 20 per cent a year, who can gain a firm foothold in the price war, will it be possible to have the last laugh, the focus of industry competition in the future will turn to the quality of products and services.

at the same time, as prices continue to decline, the competition in the LED industry is becoming increasingly fierce. In the face of the same price of products, companies began to seek more energy-efficient lighting products more durable. &ldquo

; this year will be the key year for the survival and development of LED lighting enterprises. & rdquo; there are people in the industry pointed out that the civilian market because of the delay failed to open after led enterprise income relied on in government project, but the government orders concentrated in the hands of the listed companies. Therefore, many led enterprises began self built channels to seek a breakthrough.

rely on government

to LED industry, government support is not big, even back on the spoil things by excessive enthusiasm of reputation.

in the national six ministries jointly prepared by the semiconductor lighting energy industry planning ", clearly the promote energy-efficient LED lighting industry output value at an average annual growth of about 30%, in 2015 reached 450 billion yuan, in which 180 billion yuan in the application of LED lighting products; LED lighting products market share increased to more than 20%; formation of 10-15 grasp core technology, with more independent intellectual property rights and the well-known brand, quality and competitiveness of enterprises.

in fact, in the field of LED lighting, both manufacturing and application, Guangdong has been dominated by an important position, but it is embarrassing, in the promotion, is still in the main trend of government support, the use of folk struggling.

new financial reporter obtained data show that in 2013 Guangdong province to promote the application of LED lighting products have a number of important projects are supported by the government. , the provincial government compound lighting LED energy-saving renovation project, the Guangzhou Shenzhen high speed LED streetlight renovation project, Zhongshan City 23824 LED street lamp installation and transformation, Jiangmen City led green lighting demonstration project in the city large-scale renovation project, including the shadow. LED

industry for a long time, of course, is to develop the civilian market. But in a short time, the dependence on the government will continue to exist, the industry said.

on the other hand, the government's support is gradually from direct to indirect, from the procurement of products to policy guidance on the transition. In particular, there is a huge potential market in the field of civil lighting and public lighting. Along with the reform strategy set the tone for the new town, LED lighting will undoubtedly receive positive energy application. And local governments have launched commercial, public lighting demonstration project recently intensive release.

LED industry in the fast lane of development more and more quickly, prices are becoming a double-edged sword, eliminate weak at the same time, the industry as a whole have been coerced.

to solve similar problems, Ministry of industry is now soliciting opinions for revising the "led ball bubble lamp performance requirements & ldquo; before the LED ball bubble lamp performance requirements ask too much of our manufacturers, now led because of high prices is difficult to enter the common people's family, if it follows the previous standard prices will be higher. ” technical director of a LED lighting factory in Guangdong. three years before a root LED tube price at 400 yuan, and now has less than 200 yuan, but for ordinary consumers is still superior, Wang Xie Qianyan when flying into the homes of ordinary people, no one can give a timetable. &ldquo

; has often appeared in the lighting market, low-cost LED product brand is getting less and less. ” the aforementioned insiders, in recent years, more and more small and medium-sized enterprises sales of LED lighting products is not firmly. “ small and medium-sized enterprises because they do not have the ability to package, their products are " " out of the quality can not be guaranteed, not to mention the after-sales service.

; &rdquo