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LED Display Outdoor much favor, and gradually become the leading force of the di

From: Data:15/08/2016

with science and technology is updated, the LED industry began to continue to rise, LED display screen began to gradually into people's sight, and is widely applied to various fields, in the city everywhere see the figure of LED display.

is now a lot of businesses to Display LED placed in the most conspicuous place in the shop, as a tool to promote and attract customers. At the same time is also a decorative store, improve the grade of a good choice.

technology continues to progress, LED display is widely popular, and gradually become the leader of the display terminal, because it has five advantages and characteristics. The brightness is high, the brightness of LED Display Outdoor is bigger than 8000mcd/m2, it is the large display terminal that can use outdoors all day. Long life, average life expectancy up to 100000 hours (ten years) or more. Perspective, in the indoor perspective can be greater than 160 degrees, outdoor perspective can be greater than 120 degrees. The screen size, ranging from less than one square metre high, up to hundreds of thousands of square meters. Low power consumption, LED power consumption is very low, DC drive, ultra low power (single tube 0.03-0.06 w) and electro-optical power conversion close to 100%. Generally LED working voltage is 2-3.6V, the operating current is 0.02-0.03A; that is to say, it consumes less than 0.1W of electricity, the same lighting effect than traditional light source energy saving more than 80%.