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Customers how to select the LED display manufacturers

From: Data:15/08/2016

with the promotion of LED technology and a decline in the cost of production, LED display as a new information display media becomes more and more popular in our life, which combines the modern high technology, has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, bright color, dynamic display text and images, display big screen, visual distance, the scope of the audience wide a series of advantages, has appeared in every corner of society today. Electronic display the popularity and demand for space also created a batch of LED display manufacturers, according to statistics of the national large and small LED manufacturers, under 1000, so in the face of dazzling production manufacturers, the customer is the how to choose? Today Mai Rui photoelectric from the following aspects for you to do a detailed analysis:

first: choose good products, quality and stability.

1, first of all to determine your LED display to be used in what place, what needs to be configured, high-end, low end, or the middle end. For example, in ordinary stage leasing activities, there are live camera scene picture that, with ordinary, because common video refresh frequency of 300Hz above, MBI5024 or power saving type of 5035 chip can be used, control card with sporadic rain on the line. But if it is in the television and upscale event or concert, that a high-definition camera, the refresh frequency should be above 1000Hz, the chip at least is used MBI5042, control Canova, poly (up to the letter or Depp. Two kinds of configuration price difference is very big.

2, determine what you need to buy, how much to buy. In front of you to determine the use of the environment, and now to determine your product. Whether it is a LED screen or LED color screen, there are many models, so the first thing is to determine what you want to buy what type of product. If you do not know, then you can put your needs to some manufacturers, they will give you the right program.

3, to determine their own funds budget. Price has always been a very important one, a penny to have a sub goods. The same company of the same kind of products, is certainly a good price. General LED display manufacturers are based on your budget to do the allocation of funds. Or choose your own model, and then talk about the price. Especially when talk about the price, not a strength to die pressure, because each of the company's ultimate goal is to earn interest situation to do business with you, if the list have lost money, then manufacturers why do.

4, when signing the contract, you have to specify the requirements. In front of all have already been discussed, when signing a contract, some may you verbally agreed, or do you think everyone by default, but also the best in the contract in written, paper pen to write in, who have nothing. Out of the problem, but also a good solution.

second, the choice of a good company, after-sales service is guaranteed.

1. choose a company to look at the size of the company, a registered capital of only 500 thousand of the company, you can believe that he sold to you the value of millions of products it? Therefore, in order to buy a reassuring screen, it is recommended the purchase of a large company, after all, larger scale, formal purchasing channels, regular production process and aging plays a decisive role in the process of a piece of LED display screen is good or bad.

2. look at the success of the manufacturer case. If it is the first time to work with this LED display company, it is important to see the success of this case, because you did not use his product, only through his success stories to help you understand the company. If a company's products are used in many large-scale activities, or all over the country of his case, that explains at least his products accumulated more experience, using the properties of mature, you to buy more at ease, product risk is small.

3. look after sales service. Recognized the size and strength of the company, it depends on how the company's services. Everybody wants to LED display in the use of the process will not be any problems, but any product can not be perfect, not to mention the use of longer service life of the electronic display screen, then in use is a problem, how to deal with. This requires LED display company can provide perfect after-sales service, timely and fast to complete the debugging work and provide the corresponding technical support.

so in the selection of LED display manufacturers, we must first select the strength of the company, and then go to the selection of products and services.