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LED display screen solution (original)

From: Data:15/08/2016

we in the use of LED display screen, occasionally encounter the phenomenon of LED display screen, and sometimes may screen is in use is normal, suddenly black, black will sometimes appear in the transmission of the program content, and rigid power on instant black screen and so on black state, but in the process control system of the use of, the same kind of phenomenon may is caused by a variety of reasons, even led display screen become black process will be due to different operation or due to the different environment vary. Please don't worry about this phenomenon, we can refer to the following aspects to judge “ fault ” and exclusion:

1. please ensure that all hardware including the control system, including all correct power up. And please note that the power of the positive and negative poles are connected to the wrong. (+5V is positive, GND is negative.)
2. if the use of a wired control card, please check and confirm that the serial cable for connecting the controller is loose or off the phenomenon. If the release of information on the way to black, it is likely because of the cause, that is, in the communication process due to the loosening of the communication line and interrupted,

therefore screen black. Do not think that the display does not move, the line can not be loose, please check it, this is very important for you to quickly solve the problem. If you use
3.; through wireless GPRS control card is Ling, black words on the way to release information, need to query control card is online, online after heavy released a program, information released after the success of the screen can be bright (because the GPRS control card issued in the information when the implementation of the

action is off screen, then tail movements, if you release information is not successful, then send it on the instant off screen, cannot start tail movements, resulting in LED display screen);
4. if you are using a wireless GPRS Ling Guan LED display control card, found in use suddenly black screen is not bright, please check the clock in the operation of the software, and then check the clock, LED display can be lit, the normal work of
5.; if you use the LED control card is the motherboard and HUB board split, please check and confirm the connection of LED display And the main control card connected to the HUB distribution board is closely connected, whether or not to insert the reverse. Please check and control ling Guan cable between the card and HUB distribution board are loose or insert

confirm the connection. If you led display interface definition and hub plate does not match will appear the phenomenon of black, please re check your jumper whether there is loose, open circuit or short circuit phenomenon. If you think you have ABCD and other signal one one correspondence, please check whether the OE signal is connected to the correct

. (is strongly recommended to use and display interface definition to match the hub distribution plate)

6. if using Ling Guan GPRS wireless control card, power on the LED display is not bright can also be operating software to check whether it is automatic brightness adjustment at, according to the period of time will screen set to off screen and their repatriation normally, or in the operating software, the

LED display for manual tail action;

a few of the on the LED display blank screen, in accordance with the above approach to check can solve the problem.