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Analysis of the future development direction of LED lighting industry

From: Data:15/08/2016

is currently for the LED lighting industry, the government's efforts to promote the development of the market, the market is indeed encouraging. But with the growth of LED lighting lamps and lanterns not only has high luminous efficiency, low energy consumption, long life God's aura, because the industry is not mature which lead to the concept of speculation, the structural overcapacity, product quality varies greatly, the imbalance in the industrial chain and key link of the lack of core technology and other issues.

LED lighting industry represents a new generation of green lighting technology, in the process of market development and need more and more enterprises not just do the simple price competition, but more active to sell its "value". Among them, the key lies in is clear about the enterprise the positioning, according to the advantages and characteristics of business, and analysis of buyers' specific needs, as far as possible to let more buyers in the market to understand their competitive advantage, and ultimately optimized services suitable for the buyers, this is Shenzhen City Mai photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. the main contents, in future work we will be honesty, pursuit of excellence concept better bring you the best quality products and services.