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Chau Ming technology LED display lit Beijing Film Festival blessing Ya'an

From: Data:16/08/2016

Chau Ming technology LED display lit Beijing Film Festival blessing Ya'an

4 23, the third Beijing International Film Festival held a grand closing ceremony at the National Convention center. This event brings together the domestic and foreign many first-line star, director, this year's Film Festival jury will chairman Nikita & middot; many guests Mikhalkov, Hollywood actor Keanu & middot; Reeves, famous singer Sarah & middot; Brightman and other overseas star and Andy Lau, Lin Chi Ling, Jay Chou, Nicholas Tse, Gillian Chung, Tsui Hark, Irene, Wenzhaolun, Nick, Aaron Kwok, articles, Zhang Guoli, Xu Fan, Chen Kaige, Jackie Chan appeared one by one, the activities can be described as is the star studded.

the current Film Festival Closing Ceremony by the “ avenue of stars ” and “ award ceremony ” two links. And this year is very different, the Organizing Committee in order to express the grief of the Ya'an, Sichuan earthquake victims compatriots and prayed for the people of disaster areas, the scene changed solemn dark blue carpet, the original closing & ldquo; red carpet Ceremony & rdquo; into the & ldquo; blue carpet & rdquo; Avenue activities, background music is also an anti previous passionate rhythm, change to a tragic and solemn melody, and this year, the festival first established the & ldquo; heaven Award & rdquo; presentation link, come to debut back star, movie and arrived at the scene guests but also in the history of the highest session.

compared to the brilliance of the star arrived at the scene, Film Festival closing stage lighting is also glitz, at the beginning of the ceremony, large-scale song and dance opening show "dream of Beijing" pray for the earthquake stricken area of Ya'an, Ya'an refueling, and combining with the stage lighting, the LED display to the audience beautiful visual enjoyment and fascinating. LED screen on the stage play picture together, follow the music presented itself as a calm sea, moon is hanging high, LED spherical screen hanging as sky pearl stars, sea creatures dancing and peaceful scene, suddenly, the thunder and lightning, the sea amidst the winds of change, has become a raging waves, and teenagers through the dream the rain in swaying the sails, eventually ushered in after the rain, to dream, LED display the bright sunshine of China earth, is full of vigour, a picture of China Spring is in the air., mountains and beautiful picture spread in front of everyone, from the Great Wall to the Imperial Palace, the picture majestic, with the end of the show, the event, the ultimate Tiantan award awards “ ” then show up the trophy. The whole show that the disaster in Ya'an after the disaster, will eventually return to happiness, in the plight of the sun as rising, and China will be more powerful up. The closing of &ldquo type

highlight of the film festival; Tiantan awards ceremony ” brilliant, the awards also have various flowers, and the application effect of “ the best stage of product ” awards should be awarded to the city of Shenzhen Chau Ming Polytron Technologies Inc, because of the use of the closing ceremony of the stage background, HD P4LED display both sides of scroll type P6LED display screen, LED screen, the stage floor tile 11 hanging in the spherical P4.8LED screen above the stage, from the "dream" to Sarah Brightman's "the phantom of the opera", the LED display created a series of perfect stage, won the audience's prolonged applause. And we understand that to, the Beijing Film Festival closing type LED product application project is built by Beijing Huaao spurning the international culture media Co., Ltd. witnessed, and the LED display screen is from Shenzhen City Zhou Ming Technology Co., Ltd., and Beijing Huaao spurning the international culture media as the old customers Chau Ming technology cooperation, 98% of the entire project led display are selected delta manufacture, which undoubtedly not on Chau Ming technology product quality trust, Zhou Ming Technology deserved is really behind the biggest winner.

these displays, certainly the most special is to above the stage 11 teeth spherical LED screen the, it is understood that the spherical screen is Chau Ming technology UBALL display series products, not only in appearance different from ordinary LED display, its practicability and playback is outstanding, his greatest characteristics is 360 DEG; perspective, three-dimensional sense of strong, rotates the playing and watching convenient and he had 8 sweep scanning mode, 2000nits above the brightness, 1920 the refresh rate and 16384 gray level, these top-level configuration ensure the entire screen clear and smooth playback, in the whole event like a pearl like shine.

and these spherical LED display screen installation and maintenance and convenient, he has two modes of use, hoisting installation and stereo sitting type installation, the weight of each of its only 125KG. No matter what kind of installation can be completed quickly.

Chau Ming technology will be the Beijing Film Festival closing type to build into the gathering light, bright galaxy the magic of the night, this is his many outstanding cases a, Zhou Ming LED display has been in innovation and development in fast forward, leading industry's healthy development, in the forest of the International LED industry establish the Chinese & ldquo; wisdom made & rdquo; international brand.