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Metro LED lighting market potential

From: Data:16/08/2016

Subway lighting market cake attractive piece of

had a lot of greedy mouth lighting manufacturers. Both Philips, Mitsuo? Aurora and other old lamp enterprises or Sony light, lighting in the history of the Ford, l photoelectric spectrum etc. led enterprises are competing to seize the subway lighting market.

however, due to the need to protect the safety of the subway operation, the subway has a very high demand for lighting, it not only requires energy saving, high brightness, long life, but also to ensure uninterrupted lighting.

2008 years, Hong Kong MTR carrying Jiuzhou Optoelectronics in the world was first introduced LED light source as the subway interior lighting, opened the subway lighting led the times prelude.

2011 years, the relevant departments of the state promulgated the "Metro site lighting with LED technical specifications", the details of the MTR LED Lighting Procurement norms, LED lighting for the subway opened the way of standardization. <"to account for the diversity of needs of the subway lighting, such is undoubtedly the best choice for subway lighting, it in terms of energy conservation, stability and durability with traditional lamps and lanterns incomparable advantages and strong shock resistance of LED very suitable for subway operation environment." A responsible for the Shenzhen Metro Line 2 hydropower management engineer told reporters.

"for the problems existing in the subway lighting system, LED provides a novel structure, long service life, good power saving effect, high reliability of the subway lighting program." The person in charge said.

it is understood that the Shenzhen Metro Line 2 length of about 33 km, all for the underground lines, a total of 29 sites, which transfer station 9, LED Lighting Procurement number of about.

according to reporter survey, the current number of domestic subway about 48, while 28 cities are being built subway. And the existing domestic subway network, Shenzhen metro, for example, in addition to line 2 across the board using LED lighting, the rest of the more use of traditional lighting, subway lighting LED market potential can be described as a very large.

in addition, Guangzhou No. 2 subway line 3 Yuan Li, railway station, Yuexiu Park, memorial hall, the former Park, Haizhu Square, City Palace, Jiang Nan west, middle, Lujiang, Kecun, grinding plate of sand, Newport East, Pazhou a total of 14 station public area lighting system, in this began in the replacement of energy-saving LED lamp, transformation of the number of fixtures about 1.8 million sets.

coincidentally, was away in France of the Paris public transport organization RATP also with Philips and France lighting company StepandSoitec signed a for a period of four years of the contract, to Paris rapid rail network traffic system 302 subway station and 66 suburban railway station 25 million light of transformation of LED.

general manager of PHILPS lighting France BenjaminAzoulay said that this cooperation will enable Paris to become the world's first fully equipped with LED lighting traffic network.

EMC "acclimatized"

however, unlike Europe and the United States large-scale commercial promotion mode, mainland China Subway LED lighting also belong to the government under the leadership of the exploratory engineering, business ideas is not clear, which gives on the domestic LED engineering business process of cooperation caused great distress.

in foreign subway lighting and other large LED projects, EMC energy contract management model has assumed an important role.

, EMC in Chinese suffering from "marketing The climate does not suit one. disease", the situation is difficult to open. An industry source told reporters: "the reason why the EMC model in China is difficult to promote, in addition to its domestic is not enough to understand, there are many obstacles on the mechanism."

enterprise and user mutual trust is low. LED enterprises in the implementation of the EMC project will have the risk of capital, it can not determine whether the owners in the access to energy-saving benefits after the integrity of the performance, to pay the energy efficiency. And the implementation of the implementation of the transformation of the owners can not determine the lighting LED enterprises provided by the technology and products, as well as the company's ability to serve.

EMC project has the problem of financing difficulties. In the early implementation of the EMC project, LED companies need to provide a large number of start-up capital, and the bank loan requirements of this business model is not recognized, resulting in LED corporate financing difficulties.

countries on the EMC model of the tax is too heavy. As the country has not introduced specifically for EMC model of the tax code, the LED enterprises obtain benefits of energy conservation and regarded as a general energy-saving equipment vendors fare into the specification of value added tax, resulting in heavy taxation.

more than three aspects of the mechanism of obstacles, to the domestic LED lighting EMC commercialization process cast a shadow.

intelligent "wisdom" China Lighting Association Professional Committee of interior lighting, honorary director, deputy director of the national lighting standards technical committee Ren Yuan thinks, the intelligent control system of LED applications to building staircases and aisle lighting, will be able to give full play to the LED energy-saving advantages, "according to the lighting" philosophy to "people to light, people take the lights dimmed" dimming effect, achieve good energy-saving effect.

when the LED light effect to achieve the use of the limit, the energy efficiency is no longer the ultimate interests of LED lighting demands. In the future, the competition of LED lighting is more reflected in the intelligent demand." Xu Chen, deputy director of Guangdong provincial standardization research institute, said, "LED has decided its future intelligent lighting direction with its light source characteristics."

however, the GLII Industry Research Institute (LED) data show that the current domestic LED intelligent lighting penetration is still less than 2%.

domestic led enterprises to the concept of intelligent understanding and technology research and development is not deep enough, still remain in the LED lamps and lanterns implements the transfer of light color easy stages.

, of course, this is not related to the current domestic LED intelligent technology level is not high. Due to the lack of relevant intelligent equipment support, LED intelligent platform construction is not perfect, but the operability is not strong.