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EMBT mode speed LED lighting popularization

From: Data:16/08/2016

at present, LED lighting products market is still in the primary stage, capital, cost and so is the bottleneck of the market promotion. EMC model in the promotion of the smooth progress of the application, not only need more policy support, public opinion guidance and financial support, but also need to innovate and improve the actual situation of enterprises, reduce investment risks. Therefore, KingSun (market share it point of sale) launched the innovative EMBT mode, integrate advantages of EMC and BT business model, to solve the financing problem of the key.

according to reports, EMBT is the EMC+BT model, is the EMC model in the LED lighting renovation project for the innovative development. KingSun through to determine the completion and acceptance of project for a fixed node, in the node to determine owners with the operational side project section of energy, energy-saving rate, late payment matters, improved the traditional EMC energy saving measure, tedious monitoring with variable payment. KingSun will project contract responsibility transformation for traditional BT model, in the operation process of BT mode to improve the operation and management of late, will determine the energy-saving benefits evolution for the fixed payment behavior.

at the same time, KingSun through insurance (market area), in cooperation with the purchase product quality insurance and credit insurance, fully ensure the scale of LED lighting to promote the "zero risk", realize the benefit maximization and risk minimization. As users on the use of lamps and lanterns with rigid requirements and indicators, ground will introduce third party have bear the responsibility of the insurance company for the product quality underwriting and project payment credit insurance, to ensure that the accounts receivable timely payment.

EMBT mode effectively to avoid the drawbacks of EMC and BT alone, the future energy-saving emission reduction benefits released in advance, can in the shortest possible time to public investment, no risk in advance to enjoy such benefits. In addition, KingSun can also through cooperation and financial companies, will be the future cash income flow packaged into a package of assets and sell, early recognition and lock project benefits, to solve the EMC project funds takes a long time, payment is not timely.

the personage inside course of study thinks, this model more easily acceptable to governments and other users, effectively reduces the energy saving renovation project selection risk and cost risk investment, broaden the space requirements at the same time also solve gathering cycle is too long to bring the cash flow risk, to ensure the normal operation of such enterprises, have contributed to the rapid expansion of the enterprise's rapid growth and the LED lighting market.