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LED energy saving new technology, accounting for the market won the pricing powe

From: Data:16/08/2016

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in this energy-saving called high times, LED display of energy-saving concept also quietly off, many LED display manufacturers are scrambling to launch all kinds of energy-saving technology of LED display, to pre empt the introduction of this technology, access to development opportunities.


display energy-saving technology, one, synchronous rectification technology is a must to do. In the choice of AC /DC switching power supply, you can use half bridge or full bridge new technology, so you can switch power supply in order to improve the efficiency of more than 90%. Second, to the driver IC constant current state as far as possible reduced supply voltage, through red, green and blue the tube core separate the power supply to achieve better energy-saving effect. Of course, it is difficult to achieve high efficiency and energy saving by synchronous rectification technology and control drive IC constant current power supply voltage. Really want to do LED display, high efficiency and energy saving needs drawn from the high-end properties of components, new processing technology, scientific and reasonable structural design, the box body is provided with a intelligent temperature control, and several other aspects of the overall scheme of technological innovation and transformation.

Shenzhen East LED display manufacturers are specializing in the production of a full range of LED display production, research and development, leasing, design as one of the integrated service providers. Company to the quality as a benchmark, to serve as the fundamental, energy-saving advantages of the stable performance, high clear video display and greatly, for the customer brought good advertising effect and save substantial operating costs.