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LED lighting products continued to expand the store also makes the traditional c

From: Data:16/08/2016

Panasonic electrician Luohu business center sales director Yao Haiting since last year to customer groups do the statistical analysis, which accounted for 40% of new home source, ordinary residents to replace products accounted for 30%, hotel decoration and construction accounted for 20%, Hong Kong customers accounted for 10%. New home customers accounted for 70% of previous years, it seems that the proportion of the consumer population fell soon.

served as Shenzhen Fukuda Yuanraiaryo lighting firm sales director Hai Qiu Chen told reporters, & ldquo; op orange light 66W ceiling lamps lynx price 198 yuan, and dealers took the price would need to 206 yuan; op orange 40W ceiling lamps lynx price 118 yuan, dealers took the price of up to 110 yuan. Online product sales price than the dealer took the price is cheap, can be predicted that in the shop has strong blocking, after the store will be difficult to run down. & rdquo;

in addition, stores continue to expand also makes traditional passenger source channel more diverting, Fengyun Xu said & ldquo; Suning real estate planned over the next three years in the new 53 hypermarkets, including (lighting) design area, combined with network resource line and offline interaction, let consumers through throughout the store product experience. Suning's entry will be an impact on the existing traditional channels. & rdquo; NVC Holdings Limited, a former vice president Feng Yun Xu in micro Bo said, & ldquo; the next two years will be the introduction of nearly 300 million units of affordable housing and housing, decoration, lighting products procurement all control in the hands of the housing authority and the housing affordable housing. Housing has no business opportunities in the traditional channels. & rdquo;

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