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LED products distributor selection is the key link of

From: Data:16/08/2016

in Shenzhen and a neighborhood stores, although the shop rent is not low, but on the first floor of the basic to ensure profitability, so floor of a few dealers want to exit. But there are a lot of two floor, third floor of the dealer in consultation how to squeeze on the first floor. The two floor, third floor of the shop business is indeed a lot worse, many dealers have to hang by a thread, the initiation.

shows that the dealer distribution is one of the key issues. The reporters found that many well-known brand dealers store layout is easy to cover around the start of business to half. Many do a good dealer, both to do LED home lighting products, engineering lighting products, but also by brand awareness in the fierce market competition to occupy the advantage of. All of these help dealers stand out in the fog of the market.

reporter in the country live in an example is also more representative. According to a general manager of a shop Liu general manager, their own LED lighting dealers for many years, has been the agent of the industry is relatively well-known brands.

“ LED channel construction approach with the traditional way of lighting the channel model is not a big difference, the only difference is that the LED dealer does not dare to prepare too much inventory. ” when asked about the difference between the LED and the traditional lighting in the channel construction, the lighting wholesalers Zhang Yitong's answer has attracted the attention of reporters. As the saying goes: there is food in the house, the heart is not panic. In order to ensure the timely and bulk supply of inventory, how to become a LED dealer “ heart disease ”?

a lot of good dealers, in store point distribution are careful and reasonable consideration, including store location and the surrounding radiation and other factors. So, often spend a similar shop rent, can be a better business to do significantly better.

every year, there are a number of dealers fall, and more dealers to enter the LED lighting industry, becoming a new employee. This is a process of market of the mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore. Only good distributors to leave, and good at business dealers often in brand agent, selling point of distribution, distribution channels and other aspects excels.

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all in all, the dealer should be first selected for the agency's own brand, in the grasp of key customers at the same time and meet the new customers diversified product demand, while considering the layout of the dealership, so distribution thinking more clearly and more out of terminal market downturn.