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Interior decoration LED bulb lamp / high power LED bulb lamp

From: Data:16/08/2016

LED bulbs is the replacement of a new type of green traditional incandescent lighting light source, the ball bubble lamp can be driven directly by the city electricity, most of the products with wide input voltage, input from the AC85~269V.

LED bulb advantages:

1, green light: no pollution, flicker, ultraviolet and infrared radiation and does not produce waste products, and can be fully recovered, is the real green light

2, high efficiency and energy saving: low consumption 90% 1/15, power consumption of only ordinary household lighting incandescent lamp, energy saving and free economy the maintenance of

3, health eye: LED energy saving lamp adopts low voltage DC drive, no flicker, no glare, uniform brightness, ordinary light is necessary to AC drive, flash frequency rise a long time, no damage of

4 radiation on the eye: low voltage DC drive without any electromagnetic radiation and electromagnetic radiation. Shoot is the world's fourth largest public

5, long life: solid luminescence, good anti-seismic performance, firm and reliable, is 10 times of the ordinary energy-saving lamps, incandescent lamp is 40 times or more, and not easily broken,

6 ultra low fever LED lamp surface temperature of 30 degrees, the ordinary lamp lit lamp heating is extremely high. That will touch the skin testing

7, adequate illumination: LED start to reach the rated flux and no switching losses, high utilization rate of luminous flux, and has the advantages of small volume, easy to LED lighting design and light distribution control.

8 LED strong luminous direction and flux utilization rate is high, and small volume, easy to LED lamps and lanterns appearance design and the light intensity distribution of the control. (beautiful and generous)

9, high purity, bright colors. At present LED products almost cover the whole visible spectrum range, and the color purity is high. The traditional way to obtain the color light is the incandescent lamp and the filter, which greatly reduces the light efficiency. Summary: it is clear that as long as the cost of LED lamps with the led technology continues to improve and reduce. Energy saving lamps and incandescent lamps are bound to be replaced by LED lamps. At present, more and more countries pay attention to the issue of lighting energy conservation and environmental protection, has been vigorously promoting the use of LED lamps and lanterns. Especially government street reconstruction project first is LED street lamp, indicating the street LED, visible LED lamp alternative energy-saving lamps, incandescent lamps is just around the corner.

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