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LED light is not bright reason

From: Data:16/08/2016

LED lights, also known as LED lights, the English name is called Strip LED, this product is shaped like a tape, coupled with the main component of the product is LED, so the name is out of it. As for the light, it is estimated that the shape is also taken, together with the original to form.

scope of application and service life:
domestic users in Baidu like LED soft lamp strip or soft lamp strip the keywords to search, the same product, the names are different, but to adapt to the crowd is not the same. LED lamp belt, LED lights a is now widely used in furniture, cars, advertising, lighting, ships and other industries, for occasions such as jewelry box, cosmetics counters, fine cabinet, cabinet, glass utensils, counters, cultural relics display cabinet, medicine cabinets, bar, supermarket refrigerated display cabinet. Using the theory of life is 1 00000 hours, actually considering to decay, so in the practical application of COSCO no so long; LED light bars a little good, lumen per thousand hours only about percent a few, and a bit of can reach 30 to 40 percent, the disparity is very big.

LED light does not shine for 8 reasons:
packaging protection 1, LED lamp is not perfect, resulting in light transport process impacted and damaged; the welding point
2, LED lamps of the weld phenomenon in the process of transportation and vibration caused by soldering off caused lamp with bright LED lights, 3
; the solder solder less, easy to fall off;
4, LED light soldering quality is not good, LED lamp in the process of bending joints prone to brittle cracking, shedding phenomenon;
5, LED light installation when the bending angle is too large, resulting in LED soft light with separation of the solder joint and the copper foil to be bright;
6, LED lights over extrusion product installation, led LED lamp is damaged or deformed off chip solder and not bright;
7, LED light resistance welding line plate layer Thick, welding solder and circuit board can not complete fusion together, as well as a phenomenon of weld;
8, LED lights in the installation can not be distorted, if twisted words will cause LED flexible lamp with solder joint off and lead to not bright.

technical parameters of:
every 3 stars such as a group, each group can cut alone does not affect the other group;
, energy-saving, environmental protection, product of choice for a new generation of green energy-saving lighting decoration;
2 waterproof, shockproof.; low loss, long life;
color temperature: 7500k (cold white bluish) /6500K is whi /3500K (warm white yellowish);
working voltage: DC12V power rate: per meter 14.3 w /18.2 watts per meter, optional;
in installation position: counter tops of glass and glass facade of the included angle of linear or circular.