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Changsha: LED or meet the golden year

From: Data:16/08/2016

local LED industry developed rapidly, but there are many problems. Products too much too miscellaneous to make businesses dazzling choice, many businesses simply do not have a fixed sales of certain brands.

in recent years, LED lighting more and more familiar, "LED energy-saving lamp power, not easy bad, high ratio of performance to price, now LED indoor lighting, more and more people buy, inside the market sell LED indoor lighting businesses are also more and more, in recent years led sales data from the point of view, this should be is led the gold market in." Reporter in the South Lake lighting market a few days of visits to understand that businesses have shown full confidence in LED lighting.

Nanhu lighting market is the Changsha City the earliest business lighting products, large market, consisting of a total of Nanhu Lighting City, Nanhu lighting supermarkets, inside businesses nearly 300 households, the reporter from here initially mastered the LED lighting market in Changsha.


an industry to want to develop, from the good policy, "with the national six ministries and commissions to LED industry support will continue to increase, I think in 2013 will be the rapid development of LED industry a year". Nanhu Lighting City Changsha Lingxiang lamp boss Zhou Yun said like this to the reporter, at the same time, he is Guangzhou public light constant current LED products operations center in Hunan agents.

week boss from the South Lake lighting market since it began selling lamps here. In 2009, is the first in the market to engage in LED lamps agents, you can say that he is a witness to the development of the industry.

he told reporters, LED lamps into the market for the first few years are not to know, is not to be accepted, and it a bit difficult to do, but in recent years LED products can be described as is known to everybody. This also confirms the LED lighting products overall upward statement.

and weeks the boss also from tasted the sweetness. From the initial three distributors, and gradually developed to now more than 70, LED market in future he is also very good, so at the beginning of this year opened a branch, the scale will be further expanded.

indoor lighting by

Wang Haihua welcome is an old business households Nanhu lighting square, he opened the Crystal Palace lighting wholesale department now has nine years the, with the popularity of LED products, he also aimed at it start the op lighting agents.

according to the reporter, Wang's boss do opple lighting agents but 2 years of time, but product sales, is the annual are in presenting increase development, hold 15% of the total turnover from the initial, 30% to the second year, to 50% now. It can be said that LED products in his store has accounted for a pivotal position.

he told reporters, LED indoor lighting energy saving, not easy to bad coupled with environmental protection, so come to buy, consulting LED indoor lighting products are also more and more people."

LED indoor lighting products from the original down lamp to ceiling lamps and other products continue to spread. I plan to store all of the traditional lighting products in the future all of the LED energy saving lamps." Wang Haihua told reporters at the end of this.

mixed products

although most businesses of LED products hold great confidence, but in the LED industry development too fast, will naturally produce some problems, which products too much too complex mixed and businesses unable to adapt to the in Changsha market performance of the most obvious.

"now LED lighting products category, brand too much, with a product, from top to hundreds of Yuan 'brand', to tens of dollars' inferior ', a variety of price points. We do not know which brand of goods to sell, anyway, the customer asked what brand of products, we take what brand products." This is the entire South Lake lighting market, the vast number of businesses in the heart.

by Nanhu lighting market visits, it is understood, at present on the market in Changsha "famous brand" products to OP, NVC, Philips, Panasonic, Aurora mainly, these products, although the price is too expensive but the quality is guaranteed, in the market occupies a larger share.