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Focus on the future development of LED enterprises in the field of lighting bett

From: Data:16/08/2016

there is news that in mid March this year, Shenzhen City, in the form of Government Gazette abolished in March 2009 issued a notice on the issuance of Shenzhen LED industrial development planning, planning 2009 to 2015 planning. Shenzhen LED industry used to be synonymous with the LED, so the plan was abolished causing a lot of conjecture is overcapacity fears led to become the second photovoltaic industry, planning abolished for LED industry will have what kind of impact? Minsheng securities investment advisor Duan Yu analysis believes that

Duan Yu introduced, from the current data point of view, LED production capacity does appear to compare the situation of excess. According to the LED Industry Research Institute data show that in 2012 the full year earnings ratio is only 50%, capacity utilization is 30%. In addition, the LED industry needs a lot of land. Shenzhen should support more advanced industries, to optimize the allocation of funds and land to other industries.

however, Guangdong Province, the LED industry is still listed as one of the top three emerging strategic industries, to carry out strong support. In May last year, Guangdong formally introduced in Guangdong Province to promote the use of LED lighting products implementation plan, asked the province's public lighting field new construction shall be by LED lights, in the Pearl River Delta to the original use of cled lighting products to in 2013 before the end of the batch to complete the transformation. Some analysts believe that the LED lighting industry has now entered a golden period.

Duan Yu said that Shenzhen is a part of Guangdong Province, the relevant enterprises in Shenzhen can enjoy the relevant preferential policies of Guangdong province. Shenzhen is the superposition of the previous, repeated preferential policies removed, which is understandable.

the current application areas of the LED industry has so many aspects, on the one hand is the display, there is a backlight. Backlight is mainly used on television and display, this aspect of the penetration has reached more than 70%, last year was 70%, the end of this year should be able to reach 90%, the market tends to saturation. But this lighting, especially in Guangdong Province, said lamp to LED related products, give us a huge imagination space, the lighting of the penetration rate is only 5%. That is to say lighting in the future is a blue ocean of LED industry. At present, Guangdong, Fujian, Jiangxi, Shandong have introduced the implementation of the relevant LED lighting products.

Duan Yu analysis, from the perspective of LED company, mainly to look at three aspects. First, the channel have better resources, larger scale and Monographs in lighting in the field of enterprise benefit, like sunshine, lighting and other Redwood enterprises; the second benefit in government projects of enterprises will be more benefit; third, participatory more global export, OEM enterprises will have good prospects for development.