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March LED epitaxial plant and packaging factory capacity utilization rate of mor

From: Data:16/08/2016

state science and Technology (trendforce's research department ledinside statistics, the total revenue of the March 2012 listed and OTC led Taiwan factory about NT $8.109 billion yuan, MoM+17.72%, YoY-12.2%). Due to the effect of stocking the backlight market and main to commercial lighting applications market peak season is approaching, the estimated visibility of demand is expected to continue to 5 months, the first quarter LED manufacturers overall revenue reached NT $210.5 billion yuan, revenue performance of flat -2.5%QoQ -14.9%YoY. Trendforce said, China on March 20, open tender lighting subsidy policy, will push up China outdoor lighting market growth effect; the European market expensive price and light culture will continue to drive demand for LED lighting, is expected to 2012 European LED lighting market will exceed 30 billion dollars.

brand factory drive chip plant performance brisk

LED on tour epitaxy Taiwan factory benefit to the demand of the large-size backlight orders, in March 2012 listed cabinet LED chip factory revenue rise to 35.1 billion yuan, MoM+20.1%, YoY- 18.5%), due to the decline in prices for chips, market demand unchanged factors, the overall performance is still not as good as compared with the same period in 2011. In addition, South Korea's Samsung Electronics announced to promote the comprehensive effect fermentation of LED TV strategy, in the supply chain of Samsung TV backlight LED chip manufacturers, including EPISTAR, gem circle, and packaging factory in the East Bay, capacity utilization also in March further pulled up to 80% ~ 90%. Plus some Taiwan manufacturers have gradually into the Japanese TV backlight supply chain, to promote the overall industry revenue growth of 15%~20%.

2012 integrated Taiwan in the first quarter of the LED chip factory revenue of up to (QoQ-0.7%, YoY-21.9%), there has been a return to temperature performance. In addition, mainland China Sanan optoelectronics is benefit to carry out the lighting market, the recent capacity utilization rate has increased to 70%, and 1023 chip light-emitting efficiency of 135lm/W~145lm/W, performance does not lose the Taiwan factory LED chip, the specifications of products, also has been put into lighting market.

packaging factory performance back to the temperature in the first quarter

LED package Taiwan factory revenue performance flat back to temperature, the march of Taiwan listed and OTC LED packaging factory revenue reached 45.9 billion yuan MoM+15.94% YoY-6.8%. 2012 LED Q1 Package Factory revenue totaled 12 billion 100 million yuan, the performance was flat.

the Lunda backlight applications market ahead of the temperature, March backlight revenue in February compared with the growth of 8.7%, reached 7.84 billion, at present capacity utilization rate is approximately 70%, the main sales market for Japan, followed by the Asia Pacific market. Benefit from the international lighting manufacturers in the supply chain strategy development, and invisible light LED revenue stable performance, revenue in March amounted to 1 billion yuan. Billion light borrow by the launch without lens 0.5W led to direct type LED TV models, successfully broke into the terrestrial TV supply chain, and IR LED production line stability, revenue growth to 13.8 billion yuan.

China lighting in more of the European market continued to grow

LED lighting manufacturers in order to meet the lm/$market demand and sights market share, have active clamping lighting market. China in 2012 for the promotion of indoor lighting products and outdoor lighting products launched in, the financial subsidies for semiconductor lighting project, has been open tender in March 20th. According to ledinside "2012 China lighting market survey report" pointed out, the subsidy policy is different from the previous only for upstream LED chip maker, but for LED road /tunnel light, led downlight, reflective self ballasted LED lamps (MR series and par Series) lighting products grants, the winning bidder is mostly local lighting manufacturers in China in development is quite obvious. TrendForce believes that this move will significantly push up the outdoor lighting market growth, the estimated 2012 China will install more than 1 million outdoor lighting fixtures, with the operation of the size and strength of the manufacturers will receive most orders.

, on the other hand, belong to the mature markets in Europe, although did not see similar to China's massive subsidies, but the high price and light culture differences, making commercial lighting and outdoor building scene lighting applications persistent demand. According to ledinside "2012 European lighting market report" shows, traditional lighting manufacturers in Europe though with halogen lamps, fluorescent lamps as the main light source, now also actively the development of LED lamps and lanterns, and local architects, designers and global dealers establish close relationship, to undertake the European Regional lighting project, is expected to 2012 European LED lighting market will grow to $30.1 billion, is an important market for worthy of exploitation.