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Global LED market fluctuation and industry development in 2013

From: Data:16/08/2016

the main ten large sapphire crystal rod vendors to cover 80% of the market share, however ingot prices low, the only manufacturer of a gleam of has the advantage of cost management, economies of scale production capacity and stability of sea side can win.

smart phone in the future after the introduction of sapphire material will cause the industry in short supply

is still in excess capacity sapphire crystal rod production capacity. Although the number of equipment capacity is huge, but the actual output is far less than the number of manufacturers declared. Because at this stage of the sapphire substrate price has fallen below the cost of most manufacturers, so few remaining with cost competitive long crystal factory continued to supply LED industry or competitors. Outlook in the coming years, the sapphire substrate industry can only look forward to the rise of non LED applications, such as intelligent mobile phone market to import sapphire substrate material, a lot of to out of the existing production capacity, even in short supply.