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5 major trends of 2013LED lighting

From: Data:16/08/2016

“ this exhibition of the directory and last year compared to the lighting brand for no less than 40%, increase or decrease, see the intense reshuffle. ” an industry insider at “ Ninth 2013 Guangzhou international LED Exhibition (CHINA LED 2013) ” the scene told reporters. Reporters also find out last year's exhibitors list and this year, found that Shenzhen, Zhongshan, Jiangmen, Zhuhai and other places of the brand name and number of exhibitors are relatively large. And the only trend is the number has increased, we can say that we pay more attention to the brand image and exposure rate. “ at least let businesses know that they are still alive or live very good ”, the person added.

according to the Institute of Industrial Research Institute data show (GLII), in 2012 China's LED application industry reached 159 billion yuan, an increase of 37%. LED application to become the fastest growing in the middle and lower reaches of the industrial chain. At present, the number of Chinese LED applications more than 1 thousand, of which more than 75% of the traditional lighting companies have begun to involve the production of LED lighting products, GLII is expected in 2013 this proportion will increase to about 90%.

in this year's international LED exhibition in Guangzhou, for example, only more than 200 LED display manufacturers, and LED lighting enterprises reached more than 800, which is close to the number of exhibitors last year, the entire exhibition.

in exhibition field reporter found, both have years of independent channels of traditional lighting companies, or LED and export enterprises would be & ldquo; invites the domestic outstanding dealers & rdquo; subject placed in the most conspicuous position. “ brand influence and channel penetration complement each other, channel war in the 2013 will play more and more strong. ” Cai Guangchun, general manager of Yongkang, told reporters.

extension of the product line &ldquo

last year, we plan to extend the product line to the indoor lighting, the exhibition is also one of the promotional opportunities. ” Shenzhen three liters of high-tech company chairman Wang Qiaoli to reporters about the new launch of a series of tube lamp and flat lamp etc.. Reporters at the show, many originally only attention in upstream or related industries display enterprise have extended product line to the field of application, especially in LED indoor lighting and part of the household stereotypes products heading array.

according to industry analysts, benefit from a series of industrial support policies, China's LED lighting industry potential market is huge. Among them, LED lighting in the application of commercial lighting is from the early functional lighting, gradually turn based lighting applications, because the commercial lighting high turnover rate, long time, LED lighting penetration and market scale synchronous growth, 2012 LED lighting in the commercial lighting market penetration penetration rate has reached 15%.

residential is the global lighting the largest application market, LED lighting is lighting to quickly enter the residential lighting market, to replace the traditional lighting, but because consumers for the price sensitive, according to incomplete statistics, 2012 LED lighting in residential lighting market penetration rate of about 13%, 2013 will also have greatly improved. &ldquo

; the company from the original upstream and downstream applications extend to the downstream applications, but the high power package and optical lighting program is our core competitiveness. & rdquo; Shenzhen leyond opto electronics, deputy general manager Liu said, many enterprises is because of & ldquo; old bank & rdquo; unprofitable or no market competitiveness was helpless to extend, this is very dangerous.

price smoke thicker with <60 bead chip lamp 10 yuan per meter, 6 foot watt power ball bubble lamp 15 yuan and so on & ldquo; tags & rdquo; in the show even area of dozens of square meters of the booth is not uncommon. & ldquo; strong price smoke flavor may be more wins last year & rdquo; LifeWave photoelectric general manager Tanjian said & ldquo; LED lamp prices continued to decline, to shorten the gap between the price of LED lighting products and traditional lighting products, the LED lighting products more easily accepted by consumers, effectively promote the popularity of LED lighting. LED application areas are becoming more and more widely, the penetration rate will be improved rapidly. & rdquo;

flat lamp, for example, 300× 12W; 300 (mm) in 2010 the factory price can be sold to about 260 yuan, in 2011 the remaining 160 yuan, down to the end of 2012 100 yuan. “ price war should be seen from two aspects, one is to accelerate the penetration of the terminal, the two is the birth of the scale effect, the amount of natural decline in the cost of natural. & rdquo; Zhuhai Tao broadcast panel lighting deputy general manager Zhang Fu analysis, this year the price war will remain intense, but brand and scale effect, the pattern will relatively stable, conducive to enterprises in the further development of the channel.

adhere to cut a single product

; we are going to T5/T8 to achieve the ultimate, at present all of the accessories are their own production, forming a single product industry chain, the scale and efficiency are up. This exhibition alone is not under the 20 companies are our OEM customers. ” Shenzhen all sea lighting Marketing Manager Huang Qige on the single product strategy has its own understanding.

in the past the new Jin led enterprises because product line positioning, not familiar with the terminal market demand and to support the image of the terminal stores and headquarters of the flagship store, many led enterprises in the product line extension is & ldquo; swollen face sufficient fat & rdquo;. &ldquo

; so far more than two years, has accumulated almost two thousand models LED business according to the product. ” a pre investment of tens of thousands of yuan LED business person in charge admitted that if the original plan to build up the store channels, this is a welcome figure, and now this is a pity.

; &rdquo, of course, this is doing subtraction and gradually adjust the mentality to LED“ single product champion ” forward to the enterprise and will not easily abandon the gradual extension of product lines and channels of chronic infiltration.

& ldquo />; we borrow new industrial park completed, into a comprehensive led commercial lighting, and in the creation of the national 5 LED experience center, product lines to improve and channel development, can you slow down, but can not do. ” Auman lighting technology in general manager Li Xiaoping told reporters. Previously, it has been 8 years of precipitation in LED decorative lamps, whether products or the strength of the industry reputation.

low cost innovation

in this exhibition, the pursuit of refinement of products has made considerable progress, typical representative was undoubtedly the flat lamp and tube lamp, typical flat-panel lamp products represent is Zhuhai topopto panel lights thin flat lamp and uses a side emitting + technology of light guide plate, the overall effect of the product is very good.

in addition to the above mentioned plate lights will replace traditional grille lamp outside, many main tube lamp enterprises also said will within about one year's time to replace the traditional & ldquo; shell + Source & rdquo; the pattern. And even individual enterprises show the schemes of power lighting products, the planar light source lighting products is not only due to the greatly improve the visual enjoyment, the price of its civilians, can be in not a long time will be incandescent lighting and energy-saving fluorescent light out of the lamp tube, which will largely diverted to the LED bulbs of the market.

even a single product such as the LED table, the company also ideas to try to new technology, new materials, new features added to increase the value of viewing and experience, the formation of differences. “ we have developed a multimedia, optical fiber, magnetic levitation, and many other new series of LED lamp, to the consumer electronics marketing strategy to open the LED desk lamp market. & rdquo; Shenzhen emperor wolf photoelectric CEO Jing Yantian introduced. How to avoid homogenization, in new products into new element is a breakthrough in the 2013 led brand.