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Development status of outdoor media for LED display

From: Data:16/08/2016

in all advertising media, outdoor advertising is the oldest form of media. It is born and rooted in the city, it is closely related to the economic, cultural and social life of the city, it is the brand and the product of the media, it is the city's prosperity and development of bright signs. These properties form a unique and irreplaceable value of outdoor media. Modern urban people are surrounded by a wide variety of information from all directions, the sensitivity and attention of the information has been gradually weakened. How to break through in the information age? How to in the information received reaching consumer saturation grab attention? These are problems of today's businesses and the media feel anxiety. In the city you will find full color outdoor LED was too busy to attend to all words in front of you. Feel LED outdoor full color elegant crisp voice is really fascinating! When you ride a bike through the paces back and forth in the high-rise buildings in the city center, watching high-definition picture quality of the display appears to be unique. So the fourth screen appears on the city's people what it means?! outdoor LED display media and other media to form complementary, blending of time and space, three-dimensional communication, so as to advertisers the value maximum media time and space integration.
full color LED display screen is in the 1990s in the world with the rapid development of new information display media, which combines the modern high technology, has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, bright color, can display dynamic picture and text, visual scope broad and a series of advantages. Outdoor LED screen advertising area, the visual effect of shock, can fully attract the audience's eye, is a new combination of media and technology. LED
display media also has the characteristics of high effective rate of arrival, compared with the television, newspapers and other media, the price is relatively low. The unique value of LED display media logical become outdoor media upstart. Such as the New York Times Square CBD core region and Japan Ginza, Tokyo, row upon row of LED screen not only has the function of advertising marketing, but also large well-known enterprises in the world status symbol -- in the industry with the dominance of the enterprise to broadcast advertising here. At the same time in the broadcast advertising companies have made people aware of its brand in the global status. Different from the traditional outdoor media, LED display is not just a simple outdoor media, it also has the characteristics and advantages of television and other media. However, LED display is not only of outdoor media and TV media extension, it has greater creative space and the broader consumer temporal interaction and communication with three-dimensional space, can meet the demand for personalized, with the concept of the spread of the digital age is a unique large screen form.