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LED solid crystal than silver paste is more suitable for

From: Data:16/08/2016

crystal is an important part of the LED package, the thermal conductivity of the solid crystal materials can have a considerable impact on the heat dissipation capacity of LED, and the power type LED package is more obvious. Yoshida Xiaobian by large amounts of data access to concluded: solid crystalline solder paste package lamp heat dissipation effect is obviously better than that of colloidal silver package. Solid crystal paste can not only effectively improve power type LED package cooling performance caused by the LED reliability problems, can also through the process of update and improve the production efficiency and reduce the cost, and greatly improve the product price.

industry insiders know that the junction temperature is an important factor affecting the performance of the LED, the junction temperature is too high will lead to a reduction in the quantum efficiency of LED, shorten the life of the chip, the aging of packaging materials, etc.. The thermal conductivity of the solid crystal materials used in the LED package has a direct impact on the thermal resistance of the package, while the thermal resistance has a great influence on the LED junction temperature. The thermal resistance is the thermal resistance of the solid crystal layer between the chip and the base, which has great influence on the heat dissipation of the chip. At present, power type LED package solid crystal glue most of the traditional solid crystal silver glue, and colloidal silver epoxy resin thermal performance is poor, only through the silver powder was heat transfer, resulting in colloidal silver thermal effect is poor, can not meet the power type LED packaging requirements; and colloidal silver is expensive, the curing time is long, is not conducive to the production cost control.