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LED lighting industry is the ultimate way out towards the brand era

From: Data:16/08/2016

we all know LED has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, and not only so, lighting can also changed with your mood, 2011 "collapse tide strikes, LED lighting industry experienced a low, some smaller producers in this period have fallen, industry reshuffle further intensified. From the beginning of 2012, under frequent the dividend policy favor and LED lighting industry rejuvenated birth machine, which is reflected in many LED digital tube enterprises began to seek listing, reshuffle of the shadow seems unable to resist brand enterprises bigger and stronger pace and determination, many enterprises the swift of foot first appeared, which include Shenzhen sundaes Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.

LED lighting ultimate a road: shaping the brand

and by international and domestic economic tightening pressure, in the financing channels, many of the domestic industry's investment tightening trend significantly, for the LED lighting industry, scale expansion and capital investment, cash flow /reserve funds and development are closely related.>

LED lighting industry although there is the blessing of the dividend policy, but negative impact of rising raw materials, financing is tight and still not small pretends, LED lighting industry development trend is around the content of science and technology promotion, personalized service perfect two major themes of fierce competition, under the premise of economic tightening environment contrarian development road is not easy.

LED lighting industry development trend optimistic

and LED manufacturers lighting industry to form a great contrast, is the domestic macroeconomic environment, after 30 years of sustained growth, began to gradually entered into the three to five years of austerity. Not long ago, the SASAC, a senior official said: China's central enterprises to do a good job entering the winter of five to three years to prepare. This for just from the bottom recovery, private enterprises, the majority of the LED lighting industry, the future direction of how, LED lighting industry can be bucked the trend of development of the industry?

some industry insiders revealed, from the beginning of the end of the first quarter of this year, LED industry boom picks up somewhat, backlight, lighting demand in large numbers, order visibility returned to about two months, operating rate improved chain.

for lighting of the situation analysis, the momentum of development of LED lighting industry still seems robust, except a few advantages of technology and brand enterprises faced with the chain of funds shortage, shrinking business or even bankruptcy outside, other companies still in full force into more funds and personnel of research and development of strategic planning. Seize the opportunity listed earlier.