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Analysis of LED lighting products in the development process of the existing pro

From: Data:16/08/2016

to develop a product, we must first choose the supplier LED lamp bead package types, and then consider how to adapt these packages, by our choice of chance is not much, the optical structure is built on top of the package; we have a lot of ideas can not very good. The key problems and analysis of LED lighting design process are described below. The presence of

, a semiconductor lighting application problems in 1, 2, radiating the lack of standards, products, price 3 uneven in quality and design quality problems, the final consumer choice LED lighting, lack of confidence, 4 semiconductor lighting in electrical design and traditional lighting are very different, the traditional lighting companies need to experience /skills accumulation process 5, everyone are optimistic about the market, but not on the amount of scale characteristics: 1, through the adjustment of high precision constant current LED chip, to ensure consistency of brightness and color, provides the standard for the downstream customers in the module level, customized, high quality and reliable products; 2, the old and new lighting design manufacturers, electrical design should not be too complex the only design simple circuit constant voltage power supply can work in the traditional external plus, is one of the fastest and The most reliable way; 3, to solve the technical and quality problems of LED lighting market on a large scale. Second, heat dissipation design 1, the shortest heat spread path, decrease the resistance of the heat conduction; 2, increasing the mutual conduction area, increase the heat spread speed; 3, reasonable calculation thermal design area; 4, effective using heat capacity effect. Output driving voltage selection: 1, less than 20W power driven 48V or so more appropriate; 2, large power, electric drive output voltage 36V about the most appropriate; 3, offline lighting mostly 12V and 24V voltage. Features: 1, based on a parallel safety considering load suitable drive voltage value, as much as possible a unified voltage value reduces power supply design specifications cost; 2, based on safety regulations, product design to meet the certification requirements, flow peak more than more than 60Vdc 42.4Vac or DC voltage; 3, from the settlement of the LED lighting market mass on the technical and quality problems considered. , the rear end of the highest efficiency drive when the output voltage of 48V approximately, low dropout linear constant current devices constant current efficiency up to 99%, constant current accuracy + /- 3% or less, is not influenced by any external device; when the output voltage at around 36V, low dropout linear constant current devices constant current efficiency was up to 98.6%, constant current accuracy + /- 3% less than from any other peripheral devices influence; even in the offline lighting part, lower voltage of 12V and 24V, respectively the efficiency of 96% and 98%; the size of power efficiency is equal. Features: the most efficient driving constant current architecture; the highest accuracy of the constant current mode, by the impact of the smallest peripheral; simple, convenient and practical. Four, constant flow power consumption has reached negligible in Shenzhen cyt laboratories, we have verified to back-end constant current efficiency reached 99.99375_%%, to the point can be completely ignored; future we use 1 year time complete the design achievement, 10 IC design team and strong power supply manufacturers cooperation, as soon as possible to complete this goal. Fifth, AC-DC switching power supply design development to today is accumulated over the years the results, in the short term AC-DC direct constant current can not break; constant voltage and constant current is the relationship between the spear and the shield must be considered separately; constant current source load adjustment rate is 1% (MA) /V, to reach the effect of constant current; idea more cost is high, and the risk is proportional to. Features: 1, to the reasonable utilization of existing resources of switch power supply, is the most economical; 2, constant pressure and constant current technology combination is the inevitable; 3, on the stability of the product technology creativity is effective. Six, LED encapsulation is the future development trend of module combination design can effectively reduce the disposable packaging cost; decentralized package form conducive to reducing the heat dissipation design cost; choose domestic aluminum base PCB board; for the optical design; to simplify the power supply design; package form diversity; beneficial to enhance the competitive ability of our domestic LED. Seven, the package structure 'kidnapped' we design the optical effect of this is Cree, Nichia, Lumileds, OSRAM representative of several packages. To design products, we must first determine who led packaging structure; then consider how to adapt these packages; by our choice of chance is not much, the optical structure is built on top of the package; we have a lot of ideas can not very good play. Lighting design is Protean. How can we get rid of this situation? 8, a module package and constant current technology combined in PCB design LED package, easy to implement low cost; brainstorm to develop different types of packaging forms; integration constant current technology and light distribution parameters of power LED based on product design; effective coping with each passing day, LED lamp with the ever-changing needs; power supply, using only existing traditional constant voltage switching power supply; improve product delivery speed, lighting design is simple and practical, cost is greatly reduced; can also avoid the frontier LED packaging patent containment. Nine, according to the voltage nominal value package LED constant current drive technological innovation in Shenzhen cyt was born, I will it named the power LED constant current IC technology, referred to as the module package ". This technique is based on LED packaging technology directly integrated low dropout linear high precision constant current technology; later led to direct nominal voltage specifications, such as: 12V/1W, 24V/1W, 36V/1W, 48V/1W, 12V/3W, 24V/2W... 36V/10W and so on. Later, customers using CYT technology product design, no longer need to consider any of the LED constant current problems, the use of the existing standard constant voltage power supply can be. This technology will be declared "LED constant current power supply" the end of said.

10, according to the product design hair light, break the original, according to the source of product design, in turn according to the product customization LED light source package form; maximum combined with creative products show; due to product design optical package structure; low cost; combined with the product design for the heat emission structure, to reduce the thermal resistance; high precision of constant current; protection function one. Shenzhen LED CYT lab can quickly help you to complete the product design. 11, modular light source has the advantages of effectively reduce costs 1, to reduce the number of package, package cost savings; 2, the same environment, production conditions to improve consistency, improve yield, reduce cost of optical design; 4, reduce the heat sink design cost; 5, the blended batch packaging, reduce the cost for different file; 6, simplifies the design of the products, reduce the overall cost; 7, low package architecture. This technology will guide the development of LED lighting industry along the direction of health. Twelve, module light source has the advantages of II thermal resistance reduce 1, a light source and a radiator shell is combined with the direct; 2, to avoid PCB as heat medium; 3, to reduce chip to shell thermal path; 4, the hot new technology spread; the most effective to reduce the thermal resistance of to solve thermal design problem. Thirteen, module light source has the advantages of constant current high precision 1, module unified consideration VF values; 2, a constant current source is less affected by the outside world; 3, linear technology high mature, no peripheral devices affect the accuracy; 4, no EMI problems affecting the accuracy; 5, multi-channel parallel are affecting the accuracy; 6, variations of the power supply load constant current accuracy. The highest constant current accuracy architecture, the design architecture of LED brightness consistency and lifetime optimization. 14, modular light source has the advantages of the integration of protection design 1, built-in temperature protection; 2, internal power supply and protection technology; 3, the built-in high gray scale interface; 4, short circuit and open circuit protection; 5, provided with an interlocking protection function; 6, ESD protection. Any other built-in functions, protection requirements can be discussed. Fifteen, modular light source advantage, walk road of the traditional power supply is the first step of sound; a strong selectivity and cost is the most preferential; switching power supply can achieve the index, power led also to achieve is also difficult, avoid detours; even if the strength of the company to design, part of the led also need time to verify; there is no problem of electromagnetic compatibility. Power mature need time, some of the propaganda on the LED power you rush to believe that the first constant pressure, and then linear constant current, LED lighting must be the future of the market mainstream