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LED power Taobao quality inspection report where you can handle

From: Data:17/08/2016

recently Taobao requires businesses entered Taobao Mall to Taobao Mall in the third party testing issued, then what is the third party testing, where were the third party testing and how to successfully through the third party testing & hellip; & hellip; here, Shenzhen luxshare detection (LCS) as a formal professional third-party testing organization, for the business to do a simple introduction. , Taobao Mall to third party testing report how to join the renewal of Taobao Mall?? the following steps: First: Join Taobao Mall need business submitted applications for the second: Join Taobao Mall must get Taobao review and confirm the third: Join Taobao Mall need signed mall settled agreement and pay the certification fee the fourth: Join Taobao Mall must to be third party certification company certification fifth: Join Taobao Mall to pay shop fees, frozen deposits the sixth: successfully settled Taobao Mall. Inspection basis & mdash; & mdash; inspection on the basis of the standard: standard can be the mandatory standards, can also recommend the implementation of standards; can be national standards, industry standards, local standards can also be standard or enterprise product technology condition. General supervision and inspection of more based on national mandatory standards, and part of the industry standards. And commissioned the inspection by using the standard, can also use the enterprise standard, some new development of products available, & ldquo; product technical conditions & rdquo; detection, for the export of customized products, according to the provisions of the contract requirements for testing. In the business day-to-day supervision and inspection, on the business unit inspection of commodity quality inspection report fulfilled at inspection report inspection report (original cover red chapter) while retaining a copy, and should not only physical copies of the report, to avoid inspection reports from the copy forgery and so on. If your product is intended to enter the supermarket or into a large store and sign the tender, a quality inspection report will undoubtedly increase the success rate of the product