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Light effect on LED display

From: Data:17/08/2016

for full color LED display [J] LED lamp of LED display quality as the most critical components [J] LED lamp bead quality plays a very important role in the decision. First [J] LED lamp beads in the full color LED display using number [J] per square metre may have thousands of even tens of thousands of LED lamp. The LED lamp directly determines the exergy of full-color LED display panel performance and color saturation and sharpness. An important indicator of the quality of LED lamp beads are mainly in a, full-color LED display brightness LED lamp brightness determines the full-color LED display brightness [J] LED lamp brightness higher [J] using current margin more [J] to save power and keep the LED lamp bead stability is good. LED lamp beads with different angle value [J] in brightness chip set [J] angle is small [J] led, the more light [J] but the visual angle of the display screen is small. General should choose 100 degrees -110 degrees LED beads to ensure full color LED display enough perspective. Two, the failure rate of the LED display LED display screen is composed of tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of groups of red, green and blue three LED lamp. The failure rate of bulb aging 72 hours even if not higher than 1/10000. Three, full color LED display attenuation characteristics of LED lamp with time and increase the brightness will slowly decay. LED lamp brightness decay rate and LED chip, auxiliary materials, packaging process has some relevance. General [J] 1000 hours, 20 milliampere ambient light test [J] red LED lamp attenuation should be less than 7%, the blue and green LED lamp attenuation should be less than 10%. Red, green and blue attenuation of consistency of full-color LED display after the white balance influence [J] and affects the display display fidelity. Four, LED display screen antistatic capability due to the LED lamp bead is semiconductor device [J] sensitive to static electricity [J] easily caused by ESD failure [J] so antistatic ability on the LED display of life is very important. General test of human body electrostatic mode exergy LED bulb failure voltage should not be less than 2000V.