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What factors restrict the development of LED display manufacturers

From: Data:17/08/2016

said sure we can think of color changing outdoor full color display, LED display products. With a precise brightness, radiation wide range, is united and more advantage has gradually become capable carrier of outdoor media. Some LED display manufacturers, in order to expand the market share, it is the LED display quality as a top priority. For China's outdoor information media will have a greater development space.

although market prospects should not be underestimated, but visited some large LED display manufacturer, the shortage of enterprise efficiency and high difficulty of LED display production process, let some manufacturers of development journey difficult. What is the cause of the production of LED display manufacturers, benefit so sluggish then, following with you together cause:

two, the market norms are not perfect for

sales LED display enterprises, uneven LED display standards, but also to the development of the industry has brought many problems. North South LED display differences in development, especially in the southern Shenzhen, Guangdong area, the display is everywhere, but the mainland display standards are not the same, affecting the normal development of the manufacturers display screen.

3, LED display tender competition fierce

general speaking, the impact of LED display manufacturers long-term development reasons, is above these, to solve these ills, then for the LED display industry, is undoubtedly a huge help, upgrade process. Period, the need for government, enterprise production operators, consumers, the supervision departments make concerted efforts, so as to guarantee the normal development of the outdoor media market, my life will be more beautiful.