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From: Data:17/08/2016

the same channel competition or complementary? Since the BDO last year successfully entered the NVC, NVC became the first big shareholder since, de haorun amounts to the NVC existing channels to expand sales, LED lighting products have become iron nailed the fact, present BDO finally Sword & ldquo; April 2, de haorun amounts to the outside world card real, companies in the first quarter of this year production of LED light source products is entering NVC across the channel sales & rdquo. In the era of the channel is the king of the traditional lighting. This strategy is indeed the achievements of some enterprises, but not see the LED lighting products of can pass, at least even in the BDO can success in other enterprises or may not succeed.

Review in the past few years the sales market, from government subsidies purchase (city of ten million lights, etc.), to EMC, and then to the channel before construction began in, chaos of the sales model, what a prize? In addition to the sales performance in the tricky achievements of several listing Corporation, there are a few really go away?

began in 2010 in the popular EMC industry sales model, the author thinks that EMC is indeed a very good sales, but some in the Chinese The climate does not suit one. conditions; in foreign countries, EMC sales model is driven by the market, not the government, capital operation mode, which is transparent, responsibilities, rights and interests are very clear; but in the Chinese on the contrary, EMC mode of driving force from the government, the capital operation mode which is behind the operation, responsibility, right and benefit are vague, and want to have the right to take responsibility, do not want to bear each other, skin, compromise, pit mist stretch, EMC in China Bianwei so, in China under the condition of no normal operation; till now, basically not many manufacturers interested in sales of EMC.

government subsidies for this type of marketing, for the government and enterprises, is to let the outside world can not see anything in the way of market operation, the recent burst of an LED Street event fully demonstrates this point, between the government and enterprises signed contracts or contracts, you can not understand the whole question and answer and then questioned again, more questions, more or more solutions, or more solution, the result is not “ he did not say clearly, but you don't understand, ” the final result is that government subsidies settle a matter by leaving it unsettled, so LED product marketing, the background of enterprises is a very very fat meat, even if the future without some stories to tell people to listen to, speak with gusto, people do not listen, but always listen to, can bring money, as for the implementation of future projects Don't listen to not to ask, invested the dare not ask, ask not clear, clear ask, youshiwuzhong. So personally feel that the government subsidies this sales approach is telling the story, to see who has a deep background, there is a story of the capital, there is expected to be able to tell the story is very exciting, you can come to the money.

as far as the current enterprises, the media must be and the channels of sales, the author is also not too optimistic about the support of the channel is what? Is a product, and this is precisely the product of the company's short board, the product price is higher? Look at the market most of the products are identical, and the parameters will be those products, there are a few people know? Your price is low, people with a bad time, a mass ten, ten hundred, the brand you okay? Your price is high, the same shape, why do people choose you? So to get a piece of rotten meat pot full of fishy (sometimes feel full pot is not a piece of rotten meat), I felt used here is the most appropriate, however.

has a good product, of course, the use of channels to more people, can quickly close to the market, which is the fact, but there are several manufacturers can say that his products are good products to adapt to the market? There are several LED manufacturers in the design and research of heavy heart in the product? Nozzle head talk to, but actually can do it without several; some LED lighting manufacturers hit the & ldquo; illuminate the whole world & rdquo;, I see that the manufacturers is very, very & ldquo; looking up & rdquo; that is how majestic momentum ah, how the strength of the ah, how proud ah! I also like shrimp, rice grass and generally try to.

feel the moment, LED lighting products in the most suitable marketing strategy is the agent, which is a way of sales channels; I have a few friends now also let me find the strength of the LED manufacturers, ready to do their agent, but to find to find, always feel inappropriate words; civilight do very good, but people in the strategic plan there, and the total also feel that the manufacturers superior, not substantive contact with them, so will not speak; for me in Shenzhen to find local manufacturers such difficulties, in the field to find the Shenzhen factory as can be imagined; so how enterprises the effective use of these LED local people want to do business, this resource is a treasure, I think those all day with the office of the clerk sent open ideas to better, more practical Some.