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LED will go or shuffle in the appliance industry development

From: Data:17/08/2016

since the 90's in the middle of last century, in the field of stone home appliances. The emergence of a large number of domestic technology updates, for the Chinese enterprises to bring a comprehensive improvement of their comprehensive competitive ability of a good opportunity. Chinese enterprises with the relative advantage of labor cost to the Chinese foreign brands poured into the bold declaration of war. And the usual household electrical appliance enterprises price war also accelerated the reshuffle of the domestic household electrical appliance enterprises. Vigorously develop the glue and led industries, in the LED industry in UV glue is inseparable.
to this. Shenzhen semiconductor lighting industry development promotion association Wang Dianfu honorary president said the future of the LEO industry will also be similar to the home appliance industry.’ the current stage of the LEO industry is far from talking about the LEO industry overcapacity. Any emerging industries in the early stages of development, there will be a case of investment together, but after the baptism of the market. Hand of the market will play a role, then the 250 to 300 enterprises launched production of TV. Now only la six.“ & lsquo; shuffle & lsquo; in today's in the Leo industry in the period of change is a very high frequency words appear. It or strong brand holding a crown crown Hall of flags. Or hanging in the small and medium-sized brands head with a sword. Or new entrants to crazy rally of subterfuge, or ringing in every industry and enterprise ear alarm. As a matter of fact. LEO industry reshuffle as home appliances, building materials and other domestic industries, like the one from disorderly to orderly, from decentralized to centralized integration process of the industry, it means that the market structure of the restructuring. Mature industry. And
enterprise survival of the fittest. Winner takes all the rules of survival.
from the point of view of the whole. The competitiveness of China's current Leo enterprises is not optimistic. Because in Leo industry in China in recent years the development of. We can clearly recognize the.LEO industry by introducing recursive KING-LINK imitation of foreign related products and experience. Digestion, absorption and innovation. Therefore, the industry as a whole currently exist in general such a problem: the lack of core technology, the lack of proprietary technology. This product is also in the technical content reasons for the benchmark in the war to with the international giants products match. Not only that. Made in our country, most of the enterprises are generally use technology introduction of this tactic. Therefore market products homogenization phenomenon is very serious. Technology products are very similar. In order to win the market, enterprises have to out of the price war. Market competition is very fierce. Another feature in addition. The market competition. The competition between domestic brands mainly concentrated in the low-end market, which is for a long time the enterprise product development strategy choice has been convergence for the sake of.
current Leo display after nearly 10 years of development has already passed the import market & lsquo; a period of rapid growth, began to enter the integration phase. According to the China Optics and Optoelectronics Industry Association statistics, 2011 Annual Chinese Leo display industry application development overall size compared to the previous year growth. Industry's annual market total sales reached 220 billion yuan, an increase of 16% compared to 2009 1 90 billion yuan, compared to an increase of 40% in previous years. The overall growth rate has a larger drop. At present, the country engaged in Leo display industry R & D, production and sales enterprises have more than 1000. The actual annual output value of over 100 million yuan enterprises reached more than 40. Its annual sales totaled 106 billion yuan, accounted for about 50% of the country's total sales. And due to the on the stage of the size of the enterprise flocking. Lead to the market was mixed, Liang Fang missing. Some companies cut corners. Shoddy. Sell at a low price inferior products: other BU Xi installation, after-sales service is also very non-standard. Market chaotic situation. It not only restricts the healthy development of the industry, but also seriously damage the interests of the vast number of consumers. In view of this & ldquo; shuffle & ldquo; is to the specification of the urgent need to market. Is also inevitable history. Experts predict that, with the more and more fierce market competition and industry gradually standardize, and even asserted. The future will be only a few enterprises dominate the market. The recent LEO show the change and development of the industry and the public opinion atmosphere also makes people feel the coming of the era of industry reshuffle. System is increasingly perfect, to accelerate the pace of
shuffling through hard ten years of development, some key enterprises through Shizhibuyi product development, quality improvement, scale expansion, market growth as the industry's strong brand.LEO display market formed a professional brand, regional brand, and they co-exist in the market. Although there are a lot of brand-name &ldquo market; “, but the industrial system has been basically formed. The future of competition is also increasingly prominent.
it is understood that the 2011 Annual LEO display applications industry scale of enterprise growth obviously, the annual sales of 100 million yuan enterprises reached 40; 2011 annual sales of 200 million yuan more than 24 enterprises; 2011 annual sales Amount of enterprises in more than 300 million yuan and 10 with annual sales of more than 3 billion yuan enterprises 10; 2011 annual sales of 3 enterprises reached more than 500 million yuan. In addition, Leo display application industry development is formal and capital market standards, is paid close attention to by the capital markets. Lehman photoelectric, Zhou Ming technology, alto electronics, LianJian photoelectric enterprises in the industry have been listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange listed, marking the development of the industry entered a new stage. In this also Leo lighting market continues to heat up, promote Leo,