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LED light source is what mean

From: Data:17/08/2016

to understand the LED light source is what meaning, first of all, we need to understand the LED is what, led what is: the name "led" is the abbreviation of English light emitting diode, light-emitting diode, a device capable of converting electrical energy into light energy semiconductor original. (and we usually see the vast majority of ordinary lighting, such as tungsten filament lamp and halogen bulb, the light-emitting principle is: electrical to thermal energy, light energy, and in the process, about 60% of the energy is lost. LED
was originally published, mainly in various types of electrical products as an indication of the role, because of its light color can be arbitrary regulation and control, but also more used in a variety of decorative industries.
Application of LED in the lighting industry, is nearly 10 years to start R & D, but after ten years of development, today is the mainstream lighting products, and is at present in the world the most advanced environmental protection the most worthy of promotion the most energy-efficient lighting products. Therefore, LED lighting products and the growing maturity of the interview, is the true sense of the light source revolution.
a single common LED lamp, its basic structure is composed of a bracket, a silver colloid, chip (also called wafer), gold and epoxy resin mold strips of five kinds of material.
based on the needs of the world policy vigorously support and social reality, led industrial development impetus is swift and fierce. LED has been widely used in semiconductor lighting, public lighting city landscape, stage background, commercial display, traffic lights, mobile phone and PDA backlight, TV screens and other special lighting field, has been widely applied to hotel lighting, office lighting, workshop lighting, school lighting, lighting, indoor parking lot hospital lighting and other places, its energy saving, unlimited color mixing, rapid switching, shock resistance, moisture resistance, cold temperature, long life and less maintenance superiority than traditional light source, LED light source has become the world's most popular and most eye-catching new cold light source, is recognized as a light source in twenty-first Century is most likely to enter the general lighting the field and the most promising high-tech fields. LED
's seven technical advantages: the advantage of 1- without ultraviolet radiation: LED no UV, infrared radiation, so that users avoid the radiation of the various damage. Is a truly healthy green light source. 2- no stroboscopic, eye: LED use the low voltage DC power supply, no stroboscopic, real eye. Advantages of 3- no mercury, green environmental protection: LED is made of non-toxic materials, unlike fluorescent mercury containing mercury will cause environmental pollution, while LED is also able to recycle and reuse. Advantages of 4- light efficiency, low energy consumption: LED low voltage DC power supply, the spectrum is basically concentrated in the visible light frequency, and therefore the same incandescent lamp less than 80% of the energy consumption. Data: if the domestic incandescent lamps are all replaced by LED, the annual electricity consumption of 3 Three Gorges hydropower station can be saved. Advantages 5- long life, good stability: under the appropriate voltage, LED service life can reach 100 thousand hours advantage 6- low voltage power supply, safe: LED using 6-24V low-voltage power supply, safety and energy saving. Advantages of 7- strong and durable: LED is encapsulated in epoxy resin inside, scrap rate is small, low maintenance costs