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LED lighting production process need to pay attention to

From: Data:27/08/2016

LED lighting production process need to pay attention to

(a) LED anti-static treatment

1, ambient

air humidity control, less than 60%, the need to strengthen the anti static operating system.

work table anti-static cloth good grounding, periodic inspection effectiveness.

2, machine, equipment, tools,

machine, equipment, tools, good grounding. (can not be shared with the human body electrostatic ground, prevent machines, equipment, tools, electric leakage electric shock personnel)

3, the human body

equipped with rope anti static wrist, a good grounding, the effective performance of a regular test every day.

examination of good contact with the human skin of static wrist, grounding and good contact with the ground.

4, test if in addition to access extraterrestrial test instrument, but also understand the tester test line, especially the constant current test power open circuit voltage can not be too high, lest led by negative feedback of voltage pulse and failure.

5, packaging

electrostatic sensitive devices should be taken to protect the packaging; electrostatic sensitive devices packaging equipment must be the use of anti static storage boxes, anti-static plastic bags.

6, storage and transportation

transport, storage of electrostatic sensitive devices must be placed in anti-static containers (boxes, bags), and the use of anti-static transport (car). Inventories to meet anti-static operating system requirements, electrostatic sensitive devices shall be placing the anti electrostatic container, storage and transportation to stay away from the electrostatic, electromagnetic field radiation or field position. Electrostatic sensitive devices should be classified, electrostatic sensitive symbol.


1 welding conditions do not apply any pressure on the LED.

2) maximum welding conditions: if manual welding iron if maximum power: 30W; if the highest temperature: 300 DEG C; if the welding for the longest time: 3 seconds; if wave soldering preheating so the highest temperature: 100 DEG C; if the preheating of most of the time: 60 seconds; if the dip soldering maximum temperature: 260 DEG C; if the dip the longest time: 5 seconds; if (III) cleaning

recommended isopropanol solvent cleaning led, by using other solvents should first considered the meeting can't resin has dissolution, don't with ultrasonic Qing Jie led, possibly will cause damage to the LED.

(four) LED light biological safety

to avoid direct exposure to the eyes of the near distance, if we must close observation, please wear protective sunglasses.
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