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From: Data:27/08/2016

according to the global market research firm trendforce research department ledinside published the 2013 China lighting market report, "pointed out that to the export of LED lighting industry in China after the outbreak of the debt crisis in Europe, began to target to emerging markets, the 2012 Russia's exports accounted for China led lighting export proportion has reached 2.8%. according to ledinside report shows that led lighting export market gradually to some countries, 2012 before the eighth largest export market accounted for the ratio of 62.7%, the EU countries accounted for before the eighth largest export target country in four seats. In addition, Russia first entered China led lighting lamp of the top 10 export target market, 2012 led exports reached $1.6 billion, China accounted for LED lighting export proportion has reached 2.8%, compared with 2011 substantial growth of 49%.

but since the European debt crisis, the EU countries led lighting demand growth slowed and therefore part of the excessive dependence on foreign trade led lighting enterprises suffered orders plummeted by surprise, in response to the sharp drop in export orders the risk that China's huge domestic market started to enter the LED illumination industry perspective. From the point of view of the lighting of the stock data, Chinese home use number of lamps up to about 42 billion lamp, LED lamp replacement quantity the biggest potential market, but the price is always high limit the development of LED home lighting market. The field of commercial and public lighting of high luminous flux sodium lamp and fluorescent lamp use larger, the overall flux demand only slightly lower than the home use and commercial lighting due to the replacement of the cycle is shorter, the owners for the price of the bearing capacity of better, to enhance penetration of fast is therefore led general lighting market capacity of the largest segment of the market in the future.