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LED lighting business income does not increase Liduoyin chip overcapacity in

From: Data:27/08/2016

in the first quarter of this year, the major listing Corporation in the field of LED lighting continued in 2012 “ income does not increase the momentum of &rdquo. According to engineering LED Industry Research Institute (Glii) statistics, the included 25 LED focus on listed companies, the 2012 total operating income was 484.09 billion yuan, grew 9%, total net profit for 39.33 billion yuan, down 18%. In the first quarter of this year, the 25 LED focused on the total operating income of yuan, an increase of, net profit of $12%, down 3%. Industry continues to grow steadily, the overall profit is still declining.
upstream chip production capacity is serious and superfluous, drag the LED lighting industry profit growth; and downstream need access to the sea, make the price of LED lighting continued to decline, with the traditional lighting spread further narrowing.
upstream chip production capacity in excess of a above 25 LED focus on listed companies, the 2012 net profit year-on-year growth of only 7, the remaining 18 net profit declined, and net profit decline of more than 20% have 13.
in the first quarter, the 25 LED focused listing Corporation, the number of net profit growth of more than half of the number of enterprises, for the 14. The delta Ming technology, KingSun etc. enterprises to reverse the decline in net profit for the situation, but liard (300296.SZ) have failed to continue 2012 net profit growth trend.
specific point of view, the middle reaches of the package as well as the downstream application of the company's net profit performance is better than the upstream chip companies, which is mainly due to the upstream chip production capacity is a serious surplus, low power factor caused by the enterprise.
this 25 LED focus on listed companies, the main business for the chip or relates to chip business, revenue has a certain scale of a total of six, increase net profit of 2012 only Lianchuang optoelectronic 600363.SH a companies and the remaining 5 companies net profit all appears significant decline. Net profit in the first quarter of this year to reverse the decline in the situation of the 14 companies, only the same shares (600100.SH) a chip companies, and the rest of the 4 companies involved in the chip business, the rapid decline in the trend of rapid decline in the company's net profit. For shares in the same side, the first quarter of this year, net profit growth is mainly supported by non recurring gains and losses, such as government subsidies and other non recurring gains and losses, and this is difficult to guarantee the sustainability of earnings.
overall, the first quarter of the LED industry is still a continuation of the 2012 “ income does not increase the profit ” the trend, but the decline in net profit significantly reduced. Glii think, is one of the main reasons: one is phasing out incandescent lamps and other policies to promote; second, the decline in prices of LED lighting products, enhance the penetration, make market sustained and rapid development, chip and device packaging prices decline in the absolute space is already limited, prices continued to decline sharply will end.
beach channel layout a & ldquo; why earnings this year is not good, the first is the upstream chip overcapacity, and downstream channel gap has not opened, caught in the middle hard competition earnings must not good-looking. But LED lighting market, this year will certainly have a great change. ” Shenzhen REFOND optoelectronics Limited by Share Ltd chairman Gong Weibin's judgment.
this year will be the LED lighting to replace the traditional lighting is a very critical year. Gong Weibin think, “ now the whole industry is very obvious momentum of the outbreak, the price of LED lighting has reached the level of people to accept. ”
according to GLII statistics, in 2012 the average price of LED fluorescent lamps fell more than 30% in the first quarter of this year dropped by more than 10%. 7 WATT LED bulb lamp, low-end products ex factory price and the selling price only 10 pieces, medium quality the ex factory price of 20 yuan of above, terminal sales price most in more than 40 yuan, terminal sales price of 50 to 60 yuan belong to high-end products. GLII
research director Zhang Hongbiao to the first Financial Daily reporters, said that with the technical progress and market competition, LED prices will fall, “ the next two or three years LED lighting will grow rapidly.
; &rdquo is because of this, this year may be the key to the construction of LED lighting business channels. President of the Guangdong Provincial Association of electrical lighting Jian Quan said, a number of middle reaches of led companies are actively expand downstream channels, including wood Linsen, Hongli opto electronic (300219.SZ), star photoelectric 002449.SZ, de haorun amounts to mergers and NVC lighting is also in order to open up the & ldquo; sea & rdquo;.
electricity suppliers as a new channel, popular by the LED business. Tmall has appeared one year sales of 300 million yuan of LED enterprises. Shenzhen Zhi min Mei Zhou City Ming Technology Co., Ltd. brand director said that delta tomorrow cat shop in January 4, on-line and in January sold 7 million yuan, in February despite being affected by the impact of the Spring Festival holidays, but there are also sales of 9 million yuan, in March sold more than 30 million yuan, 6 months can live in a million.
Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition founder Pan Wenbo ready to join forces in June this year, the domestic LED leading enterprises, on-line Aladdin mall. Pan Wenbo said, LED industry survival of the fittest obvious. “ the next three years LED industry will have 30%~40% or even 70% of the enterprises were eliminated.

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