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Guangdong LED industry to achieve the quality of double upgrade

From: Data:27/08/2016

“ last year, Guangdong LED lighting industry output value of more than 200 billion yuan, an increase of 32% over the previous year; product quality pass rate increased by more than 30%, to achieve a double upgrade output and quality. & rdquo; recently, Xiong Yong, President of the Guangdong Provincial Institute of standardization pointed out that to realize the & ldquo; double promotion & rdquo; is closely related with the province of the implementation of the LED lighting industry standard system planning and route map (hereinafter referred to as the road map) and product benchmark index to solve the emerging industry technical standards lag problem. LED lighting industry has become one of the most important emerging strategic industries in Guangdong, according to the China quality news report. Two years ago, the province's LED lighting companies more than 2600, employing more than 1 million people, the industry scale has been ranked first in the country. However, due to the rapid update of LED lighting products, technologies, product standards on the one hand to develop the cycle has not kept pace with technology development speed, forming lack of standards and lag phenomenon, control technology innovation spread rapidly at the same time, also contribute to the problem of supervision and regulation of product quality; on the other hand standard formulation revision process links, from the drafting to the release of the implementation of the cycle is long, some indicators even in the face of the situation that is outdated standards promulgated, users on the quality of LED products lack of a scientific assessment of the basis, market competition disorder, the good and the bad quality of the products, which seriously restrict the healthy development of LED industry.

2012, the Guangdong Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau to promote the emerging industry standardization system construction, improve in the development of a new round of industrial competitiveness and to Institute of standardization for technical support, developed for emerging industries development of LED lighting standards system planning and roadmap. The roadmap according to the industry characteristics, the standard formulation of revision and implementation steps of planning proposed within the next few years, key technical standards for research, formulate and revise implementation guide, has an important role and significance of guidance for the effective implementation of the strategic emerging industry technical standards on the planning.

in under the guidance of the roadmap, some enterprises through the introduction of & ldquo; top-level Planning & rdquo; and & ldquo; basic technical support & rdquo; innovative ideas, so that enterprises mastered the short, medium and long term market and technology development trend, enhances the enterprise to make exact reflection of market demand and product standards, improve the product market share, while the formation of innovative product quality evaluation system, to speed up the popularization and application, promote the transformation and upgrading of industry. Now, through the implementation of the benchmark index, 93 enterprises completed 87 LED local standards in Guangdong Province as a whole project, the average power saving efficiency reached more than 50%. To Zhaoqing City State Road 324 high to to Yunfu section as an example, the original 30 m spacing 400W high pressure sodium lamp replacement with a 50 metre spacing 192WLED lamp and lighting brightness increased by 20%, comprehensive cost save 85%, a good role model.

for two years, Guangdong Province Institute of standardization according to the roadmap, benchmarking system planning and organization, the province's leading enterprises, research institutes, testing organizations, industry associations and other 134 units, from the standardization of the semiconductor lighting technology and product research and development, production enterprises to establish LED products; the benchmark index is the product quality evaluation system, the benchmark index rises with the development of technology, to maintain synchronization standards and technology research and development, to achieve the dynamic evaluation of LED streetlight technical quality, dynamic LED lighting product quality evaluation system covering the industrial chain in various fields, to promote LED production costs decline, the economic benefit of manufacturing enterprises has been improved.