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Shenzhen Optical Fair: staggered light pulse LED in the market and Prospect of

From: Data:27/08/2016

once a year Shenzhen Optical Fair next year and say goodbye, the four day light fair, and LED the hall has three
exhibition and shine, Abison, SKYWORTH, chipshow, chip manufacturers in the absence of this year Guangzhou Guangya Exhibition debut in this exhibition,
by vision, ray photoelectric, Mai Rui optoelectronics, bright color and other enterprises collective appearance; LED display, this chip, Sanan optoelectronics, HC semitek were on Liang Jian; related equipment of domestic LED enterprises with the show of muscle, Han's laser, semiconductor, Cui Tao, new Huateng Yichang; in addition the author also see this light Fair has many sapphire manufacturers and LED glue manufacturers have also unveiled.
LED lighting is not the focus of this exhibition to participate in the enterprise is also very few. But it is the most concerned about the field of many enterprises. At the beginning of 2012. Chinese LED industry ushered in the spring. The policy from the State Department to the local government, promulgated a policy to promote the LED government's call and the country to promote green lighting project will be put on the 72012 LED lighting product promotion plan. But these are just at the government level. Through government policy driven can appear in some municipal projects is for municipal roads, and institutions of the new construction and renovation projects can use the LED class to lighting products. But very ring has been called the civilian market in the doldrums. Is the publicity is not in place or LED lamp
problem. I think it is necessary for us to consider the problem of.
light on the Expo. I listened to a few LED technology and market trends Forum. Development of Shenzhen Semiconductor Lighting Industry Association honorary president Wang Dianfu in the general development of the BLED Market When the situation said: the first LED in 2011. Gross industrial output value of the overall cloth field Guili high horse, seven dead gas gas. B, parts of the said account food preparation, turtle turtle dream crown rope ran to the sea turtle cooked bath basin were broken heart, tail, Na Yu Department of American Temple turtle claw angle according to pay the soup
industry base in the 156 billion yuan market scale, sales of most white carbon boom pump · second is back for piano, then full V screen, the sum of the three accounted for the total market size of 75%. and indoor commercial lighting for the mushroom 16%. last night divination household lighting the landscape, only accounted for 4%. which indicates that the LED industry development must follow its rules. One is the technical rules of.‘ at the forum, many industry leaders said, LED as a new light source. Its plasticity has undoubtedly improved, in the present stage. The demand which field the highest , is the most widely used. The best effect, we must to data as a basis for system analysis. And led exactly one of the most exciting place is its variability, as a. New & rsquo; light source, it should not only simple substitution process. But to consider relying on how to form a, with its varied forms, possibly combined with construction materials, in, and perhaps the whole lamp integration appear in our eyes.
he said, LED technology revolution must go through four revolution, namely power revolution, lamps and lanterns innovation revolution & lsquo; optical distribution system and characteristics of LED revolution. Zhang and trumpet exhibition qui almost vertical, real Euryale ferox and Qian Tong lamp servo new lamps form of change. Hey cough cough chip East, such as wear can make the price of the whole lamp down later led lamps form may building, cold meal with mutual dark begging fly cooked and. Bala to dilute more healthy and comfortable. Finally according to the characteristics of LED revolution, it must play a posture

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