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Shell downlight LED downlight kit, all material package customer complaints

From: Data:28/08/2016

downlight LED downlight shell kit, all material package customer complaint

lamp shell shell material: PC fire + aluminum radiator

lamp shell lamp body kit contains accessories: screws + + + + diffusion plate radiator spring screws
3 inch size φ 125*H77mm 0731-23354555 Φ 90mm light emitting surface size: Φ 49mm power W: 5 (5630):

4 inch patch size φ 140*H93mm 0731-23354555 Φ 120mm light emitting surface size: Φ 73mm power: 8 watts (5630):

5 inch patch size φ 180*H95mm 0731-23354555 Φ 150mm light emitting surface size: Φ 107mm power: 12 watts (5630) patch:

6 inch size φ 190*H95mm 0731-23354555 Φ 170mm light emitting surface size: Φ 117mm power: 15 watts (5630): &phi patch

8 inch size; 230*H101mm hole size Inch Φ 200mm light-emitting surface size: Φ 137mm power: 20 watts (5630) patch

lamp shell shell color: ivory white

lamp shell emitting angle: 90°
lamp shell protection grade: IP45

lamp shell temperature: -20 degrees Celsius to +50


1, material: PC fire

2, product appearance: ivory white - the outer surface of the outer surface of the spray - Silver - casting

3, power supply support: surface treatment, paint ivory

4 cover: - PC - diffusion - glass - transparent milky


1, plastic lamp features: our suite (PC grade V0 fireproof material) light weight and good thermal conductivity has the advantages of high strength, pressure. In particular, it is small, high temperature resistant. Requirements:

2, the appearance of injection molded parts surface should be clean, no spots, no pitting, local burning products without white top, bubble, no scraping scar marks, no adverse injection.

3, injection molding plastic parts material (PC fire) high strength, small thermal expansion coefficient, good corrosion resistance and so on.

4, injection molding of plastic parts material (PC fire) to do LED lamps and lanterns low corrosion loss, the entire lighting appearance of new and clean