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LED light bulbs to buy common sense

From: Data:28/08/2016


LED to energy-saving, use long life, colorful, high brightness advantage is gradually into the ordinary home users, but facing the relatively high purchase price and chaotic market, ordinary users should how to select a qualified products?? I years of relevant experience, summed up the common people can be more effective to identify the LED lamps are several points of the way, and in the hope that we can help in the purchase of LED lamps.

1, first look at the product packaging, the product should be on the packaging manufacturer, origin, contact information, etc.. If there is no these signs, then the non formal products, the quality of its products is difficult to be guaranteed. If the damage is difficult to find the business customer service service;

2, see the lamp appearance, its appearance should be overall smooth, no burr and other scratches, touch around its surface, there should be no obvious thorn hand feeling;

3, hard to shake the bulb, internal stress of abnormal sound, such as the internal ring, is the best do not buy, because of its internal components without a fixed lamp or debris, extremely easy to cause the short circuit inside the lamp and lamp damage;

4, require businesses to light two over the same manufacturers and models of lighting, observe the color and brightness are the same, if there is an obvious inconsistencies, we can determine the products for the bads, because the same manufacturer with the same type of products is normally may not appear serious products of inconsistency, the Only by manufacturers is defective beads or drive, can not guarantee the product consistency will seriously affect the lamp life.

5, look at the power of products, not the ordinary power LED bulb lamp exceeds 7W, this is because the LED will generate heat in the light, but the aluminum radiator in ordinary light bulb size, the current technology can only help LED radiating a maximum of about 7W, if the LED power over 7W, it cannot be effective the radiation of LED, will greatly influence the service life of the lamp;

6, observe the effect of heat dissipation, light lamps for more than half an hour, some lamps with the hand touch the radiator, should have no obvious hot feeling, if you feel hot, the lamp is likely internal cooling effect is not good, it will seriously affect the service life of a lamp;

7 in comparison, the dark, light LED lighting, observe the light are shaking phenomenon, if any, is not qualified, such bulbs Seriously affect the person's vision, long-term use eye extremely harmful;

8, LED lighting in the off should be in a relatively short period of time is completely extinguished (general in 3 seconds), there should be no micro light situation; such as, the quality may not, do not buy;

9, lamp testing insulation performance is good; when the lighting power can pencil test some of its heat dissipation body, to see whether there is leakage, such as no leakage, you can rest assured that the use of such as leakage, can not buy, in case cause accidents;