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LED mobile car screen solution

From: Data:28/08/2016


LED car screen

LED car screen installed in the car, using a dedicated power supply, control card, plate element manufacturing through the dot matrix light destroy display text, pictures, animation, and video equipment.

LED car screen with LED display screen of the rapid development of the independence of a LED display system in vehicle, and the ordinary door screen, fixed do not move LED display screen compared, its stability, anti-jamming, anti vibration, dust and so do better.


l mobile media, the spread of stronger, more extensive coverage, better results. Compared to other LED display, the car LED has been in a state of motion. Advertising information can be played at any time with the car on the road, more than a fixed platform for advertising communication ability, covering a larger area.

l high brightness, strong adaptability, all-weather play. Using ultra high brightness LED, the sun is still visible under the long distance. From south to north, from east to west, and are suitable for dry and wet environment.

l operation is simple, easy to use. Whether it is a computer, or mobile phone, change information, play video is very convenient.

l modular design, reliable performance, easy maintenance. Display, control, power supply separate design, self-contained module, more stable, easy to maintain.


l car rear window display for taxi, bus, truck rear window display, is generally based on single and double color, display the contents of the text information, transmission way is wireless, cable, U disk.

l car dome light, used for the top of the taxi, not only play a role in the taxi light box, but also display advertising. Let the flow of media all over the city. Used to display text messages. GSM, GPRS, GPS on-board screen

l body full color used for advertising, public advocacy, performances and other, mainly playing video, pictures and other information. General modification on the cart.

l official dedicated, high-speed highways, patrol, car screen with administrative law enforcement vehicles. Not only the installation of lights, can also display information, the information content is subject to change.