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LED lighting annual electricity savings of nearly 70%

From: Data:28/08/2016

April 28, "LED Lighting Forum into Hefei, in addition to being the main army of the urban landscape lighting, the energy-saving and environmentally friendly lighting the way, became more and more integrated into the people's life.

as the second batch was included in the "Ten City million" project demonstration city of Hefei, LED lights have also become the main force of the city's landscape lighting". Application of

at present, the coverage rate of 78.4%, more than 93% high efficiency light source more energy-saving high-pressure sodium lamp.

"if the national traditional lighting sources, all replaced by LED lights, one year can save the amount of electricity is 2.5 of the Three Gorges Dam power generation." Anhui Province lighting (lighting decoration effect diagram) lighting appliance honorary president of the chamber of Commerce Zhi Gang Sheng introduced said, in addition to the use of longer life, LED lights than ordinary household incandescent lamp, traditional energy-saving lamps to province and more than half of energy consumption. This means that if the family will be the traditional incandescent lamp, energy saving lamps are replaced by LED lighting, annual electricity savings of 60% - 70%.

in addition to energy saving, this new type of lighting is also more environmentally friendly. "A waste of traditional energy-saving lamps, with an average of about 0.5 mg of mercury, enough to pollute 180 tons of water sources as well as the surrounding soil, but the LED lighting is not a problem in this area." Sheng Zhigang said.