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Quality and life choice of LED fourth generation light source

From: Data:28/08/2016

LED lamps and lanterns out of the new choice to the Red Sea & mdash; life is king

is well known, as the fourth generation light source, LED lighting technology in all aspects beyond the last generation of lighting technology, which includes the characteristics of long life. In the process of chip production and packaging, the most cutting-edge technology has been mastered by several international big companies, leaving many downstream manufacturers of technological innovation space is in the application of LED. In the application of technology, the industry generally agree that the cooling technology is the core, which determines the life of LED lamps, while affecting the efficiency of light. Therefore, &ldquo innovations LED lamps manufacturers from the Red Sea, life is king; &rdquo is the best choice. LED

lamp life is to reduce the cost of

regardless of which industry, low cost competition is one of the most effective strategy, LED lighting industry is no exception. But at present, many domestic LED lighting enterprises have to & ldquo; low price & rdquo; as the only competition strategy, in applications of LED light source technology but few investment, resulting in a current LED lamp homogenization serious, meager profits of enterprises unsustainable situation.

in all industry propaganda LED“ long-life & rdquo; characteristics of the time, these enterprises failed to in the application of technology to & ldquo; long life & rdquo; to build a good platform, the enterprise LED lamp life is uneven, and did not reach the ideal & ldquo; long life & rdquo;. Considering the LED &ldquo

” longevity; factors, lumen cost as the evaluation criteria is one-sided. As an example, under the premise of constant amount per unit to buy the number of lumens, a common LED lamp life for three years. Another has good application technology of LED lamp life for six years, look at from the perspective of lumen cost both for the user cost is the same, but considering the life, the former into two times of the latter. Lumen cost is obviously not enough to describe the user the true cost of, and extend the life of the LED lamp is at a lower cost.

life is normal LED lamp quality the highest form of

cooling technology is the core of LED application technology, and it has been the bottleneck of the application of LED light source. It restricts the life performance of LED lamps, that is, the value of heat dissipation technology to the customer is able to achieve a real long life, which is one of the main indicators of all users are concerned about the LED lamps. First of all, long life means that the direct reduction of the cost of time; secondly, the long life can give customers more investment returns, these two are the core values of customer care. Therefore, to extend the life of LED lamps is an important demand for customers and purchase motivation.

in upstream technology platform consistent premise, whether in technical level of the application achievement is reflect the poor dissimilation of LED lamps and lanterns quality the key, and in numerous application technology, cooling technology is the core. From another perspective, for customers, life is the highest form of LED lighting performance.