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LED display industry in the next 5 years to predict the pattern of

From: Data:28/08/2016

future 5 years LED display industry pattern predicted by

recently visited the some LED display business, through price comparison and at home and abroad of the display market price space from low to high compared. We can draw the following conclusions, there is no absolute high-end customers, only cost-effective products. Display

LED according to the environment can be divided into three kinds of indoor and outdoor, semi outdoor, semi outdoor products relative relatively low-end basically is dominated by single and double color; outdoor screen now the largest shipments P10 , P16 the two, industry still unable to break through the smaller spacing and reliability, production efficiency reached P10 , P16 similar to the product display, so the market outdoor screen P10 is still the mainstream products. Inside the industry to do the most advantage of price of outdoor P10 P16 this 2 product Shiyan A company, you understand. Indoor screen mostly to how much money each point to calculate the price, indoor screen in 3528 lamp through technology and the price of just 5 years time precipitation, to P5, P6 into the mainstream market. Before 3 years or sweep 8 market behind with LED lamp brightness to improve, prices fell into the 16 sweep of the market. Accompanied by a decline in the price, profits continued to decline, companies are for their own market want to depend on the amount of walking to survive, inside the industry appeared a large number of products homogenization serious, the price war continues to heat up annually has a well-known, well-known enterprises have closed down. In order to sell the interior module and the entire industry is Ishi Iwami's B company. The reason is that the two companies because they have a huge impact on the entire domestic and foreign market environment. We can just imagine if the two companies are playing foreign trade cards, the price of domestic and foreign trade prices even lower than the domestic, only to earn a refund of the money will not lose money. With the domestic market now is as bad as now and profitable foreign market is bound to change. There will be a large number of trading companies, small and medium-sized screen factory put up the shutters of countless people, cause. Listing Corporation will become very sad days. Because, after all, the general project products occupy most of the market.

said the following several difference with the conventional screen products, the first stage rental screen. This screen is used requirements box structure than the conventional box is more complicated and arranged to many senior, of course, the price is high. Some of the strength of the company's production of this product will be somewhat difficult; followed by the curtain screen, in fact, the original inventor of this product may have no idea will change today so many tricks. This product with its unique shape and performance is particularly suitable for high-rise buildings, the use of coastal areas. This product later, derived from the named & ldquo; curtain & rdquo; screen, referring to the scene I have for a long time are not clear why called & ldquo; curtain & rdquo; behind the customer learned a word & ldquo; why do you like digging a hole on the screen, I really don't understand & rdquo;. Because these words I understand, & ldquo; curtain & rdquo; words too literally light -, dig is to reduce weight, workers can more quickly sets the stage screen. Finally mentioned is the high density products such as P1.5, P2 and other such products to do a good solution to the problem is not one or two words can be summed up. Limited by the length of the first, for example the fourth paragraph. And say so much more than the representative products than the average company design a box a PCB can produce. Behind him was also involved in reliability, installation structure and the analysis of highly professional thing, for allocation of resources to complete comprehensive strength of the company to do.

LED industry resources continue to integrate, enterprises have to do their own positioning. It is possible that the final production of outdoor conventional products is A enterprises, indoor conventional products are B enterprises. Production of differentiated products, the company will be left 3, 2 listing Corporation.

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