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The United States company Puri white LED chip business was acquired by Toshiba

From: Data:28/08/2016

Toshiba and LED lighting appliance manufacturers Bridgelux Bridgelux 2013 April 23, announced that they have signed an agreement, Toshiba will acquire Bridgelux white LED chip development related assets. Toshiba's purpose is through the acquisition, to strengthen the lighting with white LED business.

Toshiba, and Bridgelux is being developed jointly by the white LED chips Bridgelux Gan on Si (silicon nitride) technology based on. Toshiba launched in December 2012 with the use of the chip for the lighting with white LED lights. In order to further strengthen the white LED business, the Toshiba decided to acquire assets including Bridgelux white LED chip technology, while employment of the R & D department employees.

Toshiba plans through the acquisition, Bridgelux Gan on Si technology in the field of high level technology and experience with Toshiba semiconductor production technology integration together, it can expand the product line of white LED products, while expanding production scale, strengthen the competitive force. Toshiba said it would take full use of the acquisition of assets, accelerate the development of GaN power semiconductors and product promotion.