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The tangle of touch technology ---LED lighting control applications

From: Data:28/08/2016

friends developed a touch regulation of LED lights, let me out of ideas, how to do product image design. I thought for a long time, there are a lot of questions can not be solved, the lamp strip used in where? What are the customer groups? How to use? With the convenience and reliability of how? These are directly related to the market, it is very tangled.

in previous years to see an article that reported, XXX in their unremitting efforts finally mastered the technology of baked eggs, a gold did not open the eggs on the fire roasted is indeed a simple thing, because during the roasting process to ensure that eggs are not split is not bad but also not paste, which requires people to under a lot of effort after repeatedly refined in order to out of practice, but baked eggs, and cook the egg white in the taste almost no any difference, so the business not up (derived from other baked egg business on the other when different).

back to look at the touch control, touch technology is a good technology? Is a good technology, can waterproof, insulation, but the application in LED lighting was not applicable?

application on the desk lamp, who can touch the precise control of each level of brightness? Feeling? Do you have a touch? Your visual sense in the adjustment of the moment may feel right, but after a while you may feel is not suitable, because in the process of, your eyes adapt speed did not regulate the speed, so you have to adjust, not a word of reliability is not good, for primary and middle school students use lamp absolutely can not touch control switch, or perhaps your starting point is good, but the results may be anti.

is in adjusting lamp color touch technology you can't accurately transferred to you want to color, to delimit come a few rounds. At the beginning of the application of the desk lamp touch technology people may have this technology of fresh feeling, slowly on the tired, just like the touch microwave oven, the operation may also be considered a technical work. light strips are arranged at the jewelry counter, touch light, to touch on a Shimonoseki, good; but do not consider considered false touch, don't consider consider touch position? Where is the installation? I feel very troublesome.

well, adjust the brightness of the touch technology is indeed very advanced, but the accuracy of it? I eat hot pot when often see a lot of people eating hot pot press the touch panel (do you have such experience?) And why? No feeling. Touch technology application in the brightness of the LED lamp regulation also is such, you press the time long point, too; a little shorter, less than to be careful, so it can be considered a technology live, now the pace of life so fast, whose mood always so stable? There is a button - - a sound - light has come, and - - 1 - got Cabarete off, there are many good auditory tactile! If you want to adjust the brightness plus touch? Also quite tangled, if the touch with several typical control points this will be better.

adjust the brightness used in the light, I feel it is no use, who is home to adjust the brightness of the brightness of the whole day? Who's in the hallway to use the hand to slide to slide to adjust the brightness? Is used in wardrobe, fridge, ceiling can not be all rowing ah, I have no good idea, tangled!

in short, touch technology used in other products is really good, but used in LED lighting control, I feel the future is not very bright.

to touch technology in the LED lamp is so --- tasteless, represent only the personal point of view, if there is a good way to explore.