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2013 LED lighting Guild Wars

From: Data:28/08/2016

LED lighting lake, no one enterprise to say that they have all the resources to compete, and even dare not say that they have enough competition to win the resources. If you really dare to say that there are only 2 kinds of people: either he ignorance, or he lied to you. Believe this is only 1 kinds of people: fool! LED years of

2013 lighting arena, the first fight is the resource integration of resource integration. Popular to say, is “ lack of what fill what ” around the industry chain to effectively configure competitive resources. One of the key points, and the industry chain on the strong resources cooperation, to enhance their competitiveness; second is to become a competitive industry chain link, improve the industry chain of their attachment force; three is with the industrial chain level resource cooperation, enhance the competitiveness of the whole industry chain.

based on the above judgment, 2013 LED lighting arena resources war performance in various industrial chain level resources mutual alliance, cooperation, mergers and acquisitions, in conformity with the industrial resources recycling will Wei spectacular, and unconformity and unwilling to be integrated enterprises will be eliminated enterprises.

2013, the main battlefield of LED lighting resource war there are seven: a technical resource war; the second is supply chain resource war; three is the product resource war, war of channel resources, capital resource, human resource, business resource wars.

seven battlefield, product resource war is the focus. Product positioning and product strategy is the focus of product resources, product positioning and strategy in the product category positioning and product line portfolio strategy is the core point. 2013 is the product competition stage to & ldquo; replacements and substitutes & rdquo; for the competition of the core products & ldquo; replace & rdquo; certainly points to LED light source & ldquo; replace & rdquo; & ldquo; alternative & rdquo, no doubt pointing LED lamps and lanterns & ldquo; alternative & rdquo;.

figuring out the key of resource products war, clear the allocation of supply chain resources, technology resources requirements; do product resources will homeopathic driven channel resources; channel move, funds will be able to revitalize, talent resources subsequently gathered, business resources follows naturally come.

for the traditional lighting companies and emerging LED lighting business, due to the conditions and priorities of resource allocation is different, the direction of the integration of resources may not be the same. Traditional lighting enterprises should use their channel resources, business resources advantages, integration of product resources, supply chain and technical resources; and emerging LED lighting enterprises should use their technical resources, supply chain resources, resource products first mover advantage the rapid integration of channel resources, business resources, human resources.

regardless of the traditional lighting companies, emerging LED lighting companies have to solve their own problems in the integration of capital resources, because from a certain point of view, the financial resources directly affect the life and death of enterprises. And brand warfare resources is seven resources outside the battlefield of blind spots, but make not seven resource war, brand resources is water without a source, a tree without roots.