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Rational view of the current development of

From: Data:28/08/2016

two years ago, the Internet has been a very fire post is written by a rational LED lighting industry is the problem of LED street lamp of the LED street lamp of the scientific outlook on development "and was vigorous LED street lamp promotion and the public questioned were rational analysis, fanatical LED street lamp promotion poured poured cold water, at the time also gave hot and ridicule the promotion of LED lighting atmosphere brought some voice of reason.

the passage of time />, today's LED lighting technology to further mature, greatly enhance the performance of LED lighting products, prices also fell sharply, the popularization and promotion of the market by leaps and bounds. However, we still have to remain rational, can not be fooled by the surface phenomenon of LED lighting industry. In today's LED lighting industry, the so-called “ expert ” the more, the more so many industry people can not find their own direction.

in the current LED lighting market, with overcapacity and disorderly competition, poor LED products flooded the market, the standard is not perfect, LED price is still a large gap between civilian demand. For this phenomenon, public praise, demoted to the public and foggy also all Yi. At this moment, we may wish to pragmatic scientific development view, go to carefully interpret the LED.

whether it is a recent online speculation hot plastic lighting lamps, or we unanimously optimistic about the OLED lighting, the distance between the real market is still a long time distance. Therefore, LED lighting current competitors, is still the traditional incandescent lamp and energy-saving lamp light source, rather than the plastic lighting source and OLED light source. From the luminous efficiency, to observe and compare the different links of life, color and luster properties, environment friendly, life cycle, the LED is still the best lighting source.