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LED lighting quality short board in power supply

From: Data:28/08/2016

ED from the street lights, commercial lighting began to promote, the development of the journey is not smooth, the quality of the problem during the endless. Among them, most of the problem is the power supply. If you go down the street to make a similar “ do you happy? ” survey, ask them “ do you think LED lamp quality short board where ” the answer is definitely concentrated on the power supply. Even some of LED lamp with a better understanding of the people will tell you: the power of short board is in the electrolytic capacitor!

LED different from traditional power, it requires low voltage DC power supply, so transformer, constant flow essential components in the power supply. Electrolytic capacitors are like &ldquo in the circuit; buffer pool ” in which the filter plays an important role. No electrolytic capacitor, LED will be in the circuit of the current noise, ripple “ stabbed ear ”.

however, the electrolytic capacitor is very afraid of heat. Experiments show that the life of the electrolytic capacitor will be reduced by half, the main reason is that the temperature accelerates the chemical reaction, and the medium increases with the time and the time is over, until the life of the electrolytic capacitor is over. In addition, electrolytic capacitors inside the liquid material at high temperature or in the complex circuit environment, there is a leak or even “ explosion pulp ” risk, resulting in the electrolytic capacitor “ short-lived ”.

electrolytic capacitor is not all will “ short-lived ” of course not, there are at least a few hundred kinds of capacitance, its life and materials, structure, technology has a great relationship. For example, emeralds, rubies electrolytic capacitor normal life can reach 5 million or even hundreds of thousands of hours, the extremes of 100 DEG C can reach more than 1 million hours. Therefore, the LED lamp is not the source of the evil of the evil of the electrolytic capacitor, and in the cost and benefit driven choice. Low prices to bring inferior products, poor product selection, coupled with the production process in the production of LED lamps do not understand the optical, thermal, electrical system matching design, resulting in the short board LED lighting quality.

, of course, continue to reduce costs so that LED lamps can be accepted by the general public, is an important mission of the LED people. From this point of view, the development of high quality, low cost of electrolytic capacitors and LED power is imperative. So, please do not tangle LED own cooling problems, more attention to the system, including power dissipation is the right choice.