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LED "pot": MOCVD

From: Data:28/08/2016

Led all corners of the country

2012. The review we have review: price butcher, channel undercurrents, the expression is not easy, we all bear a more or less psychological burden, in front of the looming light struggled. LED technology has also become difficult to carry out a thousand li a day, the market and the popularization of an excuse. Here, I want to be more popular with the words, the popularity of LED more professional knowledge, to give you a different feeling.

LED, (Emitting Diode Light) led the first word in english. A little more straightforward, is led, electronic products are more or less in some diode. Many people said LED is a semiconductor electronic products, this argument and yes, but this diode capable of emitting light and more detailed is led material is gallium nitride (GAN), with traditional semiconductor industry with silicon (SI) at crosspurposes. To

LED? Play an analogy, think we usually cook, firewood, rice, oil, salt is unavoidable, pots also must have, no pot, it do not Chufan. LED is also the same, “ raw ” and “ pot ” are indispensable. Do &ldquo LED; pot ” MOCVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition Metal-organic), in the industry also known as the furnace, metal organic chemical vapor deposition furnace. At present, there are two major manufacturers in the world to produce MOCVD, that is, Germany's Aixtron and the United States of America's Veeco. Japan also has an enterprise to produce MOCVD, but his home is not how to press the takeaway. Recently, the domestic experts and professors are also research and manufacture of MOCVD equipment, I heard that there is a prototype out.

the story of the MOCVD stove, it is too much too much. Because there are a lot of local subsidies, some media crazy propaganda the upper reaches of the huge profits, coupled with the preferential policy on high-tech gimmicks and other invisible, MOCVD stove a time & ldquo; luoyangzhigui & rdquo;, with the great leap forward of the year have somewhat similar. For many local governments and enterprises, MOCVD stove do not buy also have to buy, buy less than to overcome the difficulties to buy, and some companies are carrying the contract and money to grab the goods in germany. Passage of time, now, there are thousands of MOCVD furnace, and not Kaifeng actually half, really is too luxurious, too wasteful!,