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LED lighting professional managers must have five conditions

From: Data:28/08/2016

LED lighting industry development trend of the times, the opportunity to appear at your fingertips, too busy for many enterprises, but also make many employers feel the pressure, afraid to miss this golden opportunity for development, want to do LED lighting industry, the future of NVC, Op even Philips, OSRAM. Bad financial prudence, generous financial strong investment. Only from hiring personnel point of view, there are many enterprises have the strength of tens of millions of annual salary to hire a trader, but few can do more than a year. Many bosses lamented talent hard to please, a lot of occupation managers complained that the boss is short-sighted, minded enough.

today, whether the boss hired what kind of professional managers, even if is the world's top 500 senior professional, in LED lighting business is still not successful cases, very important reason is only industry development to a certain degree, really good LED industry professional personnel manager will emerge. Life of professional managers is usually short, what is the boss of the issues or problems in professional managers? LED industry talent what where?

1, cost consciousness, financial pre final accounts ability. Occupation managers cannot investment regardless of performance, regardless of the boss. A lot of professional managers to do the next three years of strategic planning, sales of ambiguous, the cost of investment is very clear. When you do not go down, the professional managers to shoot ass leave, the boss is a miserable.

2, product planning ability. LED lighting because of the characteristics of some electronic products, so the fast changes in product development. This requires practitioners to familiar with the product and sensitivity is high, outside the industry professional managers in the LED lighting industry, a long time can not find the feeling is because the products are not familiar with, there is no clear product planning and product positioning.

3, the management ability of R & D and manufacturing. As the LED lighting industry outstanding professional managers, these are not do not have the ability. How to do R & D products are competitive? R & D team management, the manufacturing cost of reasonable control. Product quality control and management of how to do it?

4, marketing management capabilities. This is the focus of the majority of enterprises, but also the most professional managers can reflect their own capacity in the field, there is no need to say.

5, supply chain integration capabilities. As LED lighting industry product line is very wide, there is no manufacturer in all product R & D and manufacturing have an advantage, which requires professional managers to integrate the ability of industry resources, the need for a certain industry precipitation