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LED lighting "starting point" and "push"

From: Data:28/08/2016

after the Spring Festival, the major LED lighting enterprises are on the microblogging drying plan, large number of solicitation marketing elite, intended to in the new year to flex its muscles, but the LED is electronic products and product characteristics determines the technology update speed. Therefore, a competitive product is the guarantee of enterprise development.

LED technology, price, quality is like enterprise development & ldquo; starting point & rdquo; LED marketing like enterprise development & ldquo; push & rdquo;. LED Lighting & ldquo; starting point & rdquo; and & ldquo; push & rdquo; and the relationship, we can use such a metaphor to describe: if you enter a hotel dining, the hotel of the decoration is very luxurious, service personnel are also very beautiful and warm. However, your food, picked up the chopsticks a taste, not salty is light, and even some speculation in the unfamiliar, or fried coke, then the waiter no matter how warm, you can not find the appetite. Believe that you go to a hotel, it is enough, and in your mind deeply buried under the shadow. Here, food is “ the starting point, service is ” “ promoter of ”.

Enterprises & ldquo; starting point & rdquo; is enterprise of & ldquo; internal strength & rdquo; it is enterprise & ldquo; root & rdquo; the root is deep, tree can grow higher and not afraid of wind and rain, not deep roots of the tree is easily fallen. Enterprise's “ pushing hands ” is the enterprise external “ marketing ” marketing planning well, can enhance the product market share. Of course, a good social relations, the government's support, customer recognition, are enterprises outside the “ pushing hands ” is also very important. In LED lighting market competition, enterprises should also take into account the & ldquo; starting point & rdquo; and & ldquo; push & rdquo; two elements to Avenue invincible in the future, more walk more broad.