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Principle of solar energy LED energy saving lamp and improvement scheme of phosp

From: Data:28/08/2016

solar LED energy-saving lamp principle and phosphor technology improvement scheme, solar photovoltaic LED lighting system composed of solar batteries are included in the energy efficient solar photovoltaic power generation LED lighting system, DC— DC converter and maximum power point tracking (MPPTfmaximumpowerpointteackong) control, electric energy storage battery combination of LED lighting control LED light source and other parts.

solar photovoltaic lighting system working principle is: in the light of the sun, time periods, the solar panels to collect the solar energy conversion into electrical energy, under the control of a control system using solar is transformed into electrical energy, under the control of the control system, using solar photovoltaic maximum power point tracking (MPPT), electrical energy, which is stored in the battery pack, in LED lighting system to the power supply, to LED lighting system energy saving and efficient work, provide clean posters of green lighting for people's work and capital.

solar photovoltaic solar photovoltaic power generation is one of the main ways of using solar energy.

LED luminous source. LED is composed of V compounds, and a series of compounds, so it has a P-n of the junction of the volt ampere characteristics, that is the positive conduction, the response deadline, the breakdown of nausea. When the combination of P semiconductor and N type semiconductor, the carrier concentration difference is due to the existence of the junction surface. So electrons and holes will diffuses from a region of high concentration to low concentration, so that P area on one side lose hole fresh mobile anion n to a lost electronic and streamlines cannot mobile positive ions, these are not well? The moving charged particle is space charge. Several space charge in the P area and N area in the vicinity of the transition and the formation of a very thin space charge region, which is in the P— — N then the dynamic balance. The excess energy is released in the form of light by the injected minority carrier recombination, and the electric energy is directly converted into light energy. If the PN is combined with the directional voltage, the less book carrier is difficult to inject the ancient non luminescence. The main realistic way of

white LED. The GaN based LED white light is obtained mainly blue LED yellow phosphor, tricolor LED to synthesize white light most common form white light blue LEDLED radiated peak around 470 of the Blu ray and part of the blue light excitation phosphor issued peak is about 570 Huang Languang. In addition to the Ui Lang light yellow green light excitation phosphor Changsha Huhe production. Currently the fluorescent powder for rare earth aluminate as blue light excitation it out of the yellow green light. So it's called a "yellow green fluorescence powder. The emitting light light efficiency high, industry mature color with angle, light uniformity, and fluorescent powder in life LED is also inconsistent, with chromogenic time cooked and color temperature changes, affecting the hair off the source of light quality