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China LED lighting manufacturers in the Uv glue manufacturers joined

From: Data:28/08/2016

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lighting lamps, and on the inside of the glue is more especially UV which is an essential part in energy-saving lamps inside, good UV decided energy-saving lamp life in UV glue inside the material is very exquisite, and the viscosity and its transmittance is direct ratio the development of

has great opportunities and challenges coexist relationship of

lighting, and the lamp inside the glue has become increasingly demanding especially UV glue which is an essential part of the energy-saving lamp inside, good UV glue decided energy-saving lamp life in UV glue inside the material is also very pay attention to, and direct its viscosity and light transmittance rate is a great relationship, market opportunities and challenges are great, as the first batch of LED China Ming national standards in the near future release and a lot of glue manufacturers joined forces to create the strongest and best of lamps and lanterns, which originally speculation very hot in the field of LED lighting becomes more material from the for a period of time within the industry are given data and message view, the future of LED lighting market in China will exist great opportunities, but want to step foot in the market of enterprise also single recognized. There are small challenges in the field of LED lighting. Opportunities for

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their confidence stems from the Chinese government's attitude and LED lighting product itself a strong advantage.

LED lighting products, the advantages of energy saving is not a shock to the future of the industry leading position: according to the industry to 1 11 watts of high-quality energy-saving lamps as an example. Digital front all absolute advantage: This is simply perfect release to China's vast territory and abundant resources in the UV adhesives manufacturers filled more and lamp combination, so a energy-saving lamps in the life of the 60000 sales discouraged and will avoid the same 60 watt white light consciousness less electricity oyster 294 kW hours home. Save 160 yuan.

in recent years, the Chinese government is to more and more resolute attitude implementation of white general lights out plan, including LED lighting, energy-saving lamp records have obtained government's potential to support. In addition, domestic large-scale construction of public facilities such as launched in succession, increase the of LED lighting products using a number.